The Difference Between Alert, Fear, and Aggression

    The right thing, the healthy thing, is that we should only get: the alert

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    Starting from each definition: Fear is a spontaneous reaction caused by organic disturbances, ideas of risk, phobias, etc. The alert is a position that we take to avoid some kind of fear, either due to experiences or comments that have been made to us. Also considered a prevention of some event that gives us satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

    For its part, aggression is an attitude that we take in the face of a situation that is not to our liking or simply because we do not agree with the person who issues the idea. Aggression can be physical or verbal.

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    Usually the alert comes before the fear, especially due to experiences of third parties that we turn into our own states of alert. For example, in the case in which a friend of ours tells us that on his way home, while he was sitting in the back of the bus, some antisocials got on and stole all his belongings, it is eloquent that from that moment on you will be attentive to the get on the bus.

    In the case of fear, under this same circumstance, it is enough for someone to dress or act strangely and the adrenaline will begin to run. And in the case of aggression, everything will depend on the environment in which it occurs for the person to feel attacked.

    Taking the right reactions

    Going back to the first example of the bus, you may be attacked, product of the alert (history of the friend), by fear (two individuals with unfriendly faces got on) and you predisposed to play the “crazy” look out the window, as if it weren’t with you, it even “whistles” as a sign that you don’t care much in order to intimidate the “invader” and try to go unnoticed. However, you will have taken the pertinent measures: put away your wallet, take off your watch, roll up your shirt sleeves and prepare for “the final battle” (yours or the aggressor’s).All of the above illustrates that the three words: alertness, fear and aggression can, under any circumstances, occur in a matter of seconds.

    The right thing, the healthy thing, is that we should only get to the first thing: the alert. And that, if we know how to weather the situation, we may possibly be able to avoid fear and even less aggression. Are you always alert?.

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