The Charm of Roca Bruja: A Surfers Paradise

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    Playa Naranjo also known as Roca Bruja (Witch Rock), is a destination that you cannot ignore and that you should write down in the list of next places to visit in Costa Rica, and we know that if you have already been there, another encounter with this incredible site is not too much.

    Remember that due to the pandemic, strict protocols must be followed to leave home, as established by the Ministry of Health. Therefore, it is important that you follow all the recommendations before going out to enjoy the beauties of the country.

    This beach holds many surprises but without a doubt its giant rock, from which it derives its name, is one of them. When you arrive at the place it will be one of its first charms that will captivate you. The funny thing is that although it seems that it is close to the beach, it is not, since there are tours to go around it by boat. In fact from the exit of the trail to the rock there are approximately 1.3 nautical miles.

    Magazine cover sunsets

    Its gray sand, its large area for walking, its dry vegetation and, in general, the biodiversity that it preserves, makes this site a true paradise. Also, if you are lucky enough you can see deer when you walk along the path towards the beach.

    Another of its attractions in addition to the great waves for surfers, are its sunsets, they are really suitable for lovers of photographs.Its immensity and the mountainous landscape that surrounds the beach will make you feel that you are tiny, but we assure that it will make you feel free and in true contact with nature.

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    Here we provide you with more information:

    • This beach is part of the Santa Rosa National Park.
    • The road is not in optimal conditions so it is better to visit it in 4×4 and you will also have to walk approximately 1 km to get to the beach.
    • The road is made of stone.
    • Take advantage of visiting the Casona sector of the national park.
    • Activities that you can do: camping, surfing, hiking, boat trips along the coast, snorkeling, diving, among others.
    • The best time to surf at Roca Bruja is during the dry season, especially from December to March.
    • It has a camping area, toilets, drinking water and parking.
    • Lodging and meals are near the national park.

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