The Biggest Robbery in the History of Costa Rica!  ¢2 Billion Disappear From the National Bank Vault

    While the case is investigated, the bank suspended five officials

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    Without having to use a weapon or enter by force, ¢2 billion were stolen from the vaults of the National Bank of Costa Rica, located in San José, in what would be the largest robbery in the history of the country. The BN confirmed that this incident is being investigated and that five officials have been suspended.

     For now, it has not been revealed who the officials are or the positions they occupy within the bank; However, as this media learned, they are all linked to the operation of the vaults.

     How did they steal all that money? 

    There is no explanation at the moment, according to consulted experts, an armored car would be needed to mobilize such an amount of cash, however; Due to the existing controls it would be very difficult, but not impossible.  It is also possible that the theft had occurred gradually without the systems detecting the missing items.

     This case was known to the BN authorities since the previous Monday, however, the information had been handled secretly, and the Judicial Investigation Agency has not received any complaints in this regard.

     «As part of the internal reviews that the National Bank (BN) periodically carries out of its different internal processes, some inconsistencies were detected in the Cash Administration area.

    Internal investigation is currently underway

     Given this situation and in accordance with legal regulations and current internal procedures, the BN opened an internal investigation, which is currently underway.Following due process, the bank provisionally suspended five officials while the investigation is underway,” the bank reported.

     This news outlet asked the bank why this fact had not been reported to the judicial police, but at the time of going to press this news had not received a response.Likewise, through a statement sent to this medium, the bank reported that it will not provide more details in this regard until the investigation is completed.The bank clarified that the fact under investigation does not affect the clients’ bank accounts or the solidity or solvency of the entity.

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