The Benefits of Correct Breathing in Your Day to Day

    Find out about the usefulness of this great bodily function

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    Oxygen is an essential element for our body to function properly since it is involved in the vast majority of its processes, including the transformation of food into energy. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between breathing and our physical condition: if the first is done properly, the second will undoubtedly benefit.

    Find out about the usefulness of this great bodily function:

    • Increase the number of red blood cells.
    • Good oxygenation provides adequate conditions to produce a greater amount of blood and with this, to be able to easily eliminate toxins.
    • Improves the body’s ability to assimilate food.
    • Oxygen participates in the metabolism of our organisms, an essential process for transforming food into energy.
    • It favors the functioning of the nervous system.

    The oxygen that our brain, spine and nerves receive allows a good relaxation of them, communicating this state of calm to the mind and body. If we do a routine of slow and deep breathing we can also calm a racing heart, an exhausted muscle or successfully go through states of anxiety.

    Keeps the pituitary gland in good condition

    This is the gland that controls the functions of others and regenerates their cells thanks to the correct intake of oxygen. It is important to keep it in appropriate conditions to avoid hormonal problems of any kind.

    Provides greater strength and health to the lungs

    With good breathing lung capacity is improved preventing the body from respiratory diseases. It also provides greater elasticity to this organ, favoring its resistance to effort.

    Increases the vitality of the heart

    Breathing deeply and slowly increases the efficiency of cardiac functions, preventing us from possible deficiencies.

    Breathing properly is important even in moments of rest or when we sleep, because a good night’s sleep also depends on it. It is essential to pay attention and care to our breathing to be sure of doing it correctly and thus guaranteeing the performance of our body at all times of our day. If you perceive any deficiency or discomfort when inhaling or exhaling, go to a specialist doctor to avoid any further complications.

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