Relaxation Is Energy

    The sun slowly travels its celestial path and the shadows it casts move, dancing to its rhythm

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    On the holm oak the sun casts its rays and beyond its shadow glides over the scorching ground, the sun slowly travels its celestial path and the shadows it casts move, dancing to its rhythm. Thought is the shaking shadow, the movement that does not end, impelled by an incessant palpitation, it seems that this permanent impulse cannot be stopped.

    Relaxation is energy

    Suddenly you do nothing and with it a movement of vitality is generated inwards. In ordinary life you do your tasks, you make an effort and then the energy is directed outwards, there is a centrifugal movement of the energy, it goes away, you cannot retain it.

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    So to stop is to take care of yourself and to act is to go outwards, what I am not, not to do is relaxation and to do is to take care of the external. Relaxation is a centripetal movement that draws energy into my being, staying busy is a way of escaping from reality. To meditate is to take care of what is essential, to penetrate the fog that obscures existence.

    Are we the tree or the shadow?

    If I am the thought I am the shadow that lacks real energy, if I am the tree I have energy, roots and a life of my own. Be it sunny, hot or cold, resist one more day and the darkness will not kill me.

    We live in the world of the image, a world dedicated to the external, there is no interior, only appearance, to look within is to dare to observe chaos, a chaos that ceases when observed from calm.

    If I stop, the energy returns, if I exert myself the energy dissipates, there is a light that does not need a source, there is an understanding that does not need more than a small opening, and it has to open with immense patience, slowly, from the inside.

    Resonance Costa Rica

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