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    The Benefits of Correct Breathing in Your Day to Day

    Oxygen is an essential element for our body to function properly since it is involved in the vast majority of its processes, including the...
    Breathing to Calm Anxiety

    Learn 3 Deep Breathing Techniques to Calm Anxiety

    With the hustle and speed with which the world moves today, it is difficult not to feel anxiety attacks. Studies indicate that in recent...

    Oxygen: Are You Breathing Properly?

    Oxygen is essential for people’s health, not only for breathing but also it has a special and important participation in metabolic reactions such as...

    Why We Should Not Take Starfish Out of the Water

    Like all marine animals, starfish is an organism found in the sea for one simple reason: They do not breathe air. Although this is something very logical, some people captivated by their beauty take them out of the water without thinking about the damage they cause them
    Alicia Chong, Bloom Tech, Brazier, Technology, MIT, Bloom Bra

    Anti-heart Disease Bra Could Save Lives

    Innovation is about trial and error, it’s challenging to think about a never-seen-before idea that works. The thought process usually tackles a problem that...
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