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    The Bambi Angelina Story is about the underage sex trade in Costa Rica and throughout Latin America. How could a mother force her teenage daughter to be a prostitute? Bambi’s amazing success is Angelina’s revenge. This account is simply the finest true story I have ever encountered ripped from the pages of real life. Some 90-percent of this movie will be filmed in Costa Rica.

    Bambi Angelina is a Christian story that will push the limits of faith-based films without being churchy. There are no Bible quotes.

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    Just how does a 7-year-old piano prodigy in Houston, Texas end up on the streets of Jaco Beach, Costa Rica as a teen child trading sex for money?

    After 40-plus years in the daily newspaper business in small town America, I stand behind this story with all my heart and soul to make a deep stab into this repulsive behavior. I retired from the New York Times Company. I have seen up close and personal just how bad humans can be toward one another.

    Help Team Bambi help these young girls who have no voice.  I wrote the screenplay adapted from the book I wrote entitled Bambi Angelina. We estimate the required budget to be around $5-million to make a first-class film with world-class talent where appropriate. We are searching for executive producer leadership and direction.This project has been endorsed 100-percent by Costa Rica’s full-time Film Commissioner Jose Castro Chacon in San Jose. A team of professional filmmakers in Costa Rica are ready, willing and able to tell this woman’s story that will shake up the worldwide illegal sex trade industry.
    Costa Rica’s only live-in treatment school — for young girls removed from the sex trade – Saving Hearts Together (Saheto) also endorses Bambi Angelina 100-percent. These young hearts cannot go home because that’s where the problem is.

    I’m Britt Nelson — a retired newspaper photojournalist, reporter and newsroom executive formerly with the New York Times Company. I have been boots on the ground with this Bambi Angelina story for 9-years. I wrote the published book and the screenplay.

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    Saheto School for Girls in Costa Rica:

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    Britt Nelson- Author of Bambi Angelina – CWB

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