The Ant Hive. A Place To Visit In Sarapiqui

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    Sarapiqui is an area of ​​the country very little known for tourism. Located in the Heredia province, one hour from the capital San José, Sarapiqui is also home to several nature reserves.

    Sarapiqui Surprises

    It is an area of ​​the country which is very surprising for its rich biodiversity, which is why many environmental scientists from different countries have chosen this corner of Costa Rica to carry out their research.

    Many of its main attractions are related to nature education.

    The biological station Jungle(sponsored by the national and international university) and the center of the La Tribiana Rain Forest stand out among many others.

    Sarapiqui is a green region, an area that has become an ideal place for ecotourism.

    An excursion in the humid tropical forest is a recommended and unique experience. On the one hand, the vegetation is so dense that we cannot see just over five meters.

    One of the aspects of Sarapiqui that most surprises you is the respect that all its inhabitants have for the environment.

    As the Ticos say (nickname affectionately called Costa Ricans) “their nature is their oil” and in almost all hotels there are different containers to put the different types of waste that are generated.

    Also, in some other establishments, we can see truly surprising initiatives such as hotels that generate energy with the feces of guests.

    And To Be More Surprised In Sarapiqui We Can Find The Ant Hives Which We Can Take On Tours.

    This tour is highly recommended for the whole family and there is no doubt that the little ones in the house will love it, even the older ones will be left with their mouths open when it comes to taking these tours in Sarapiqui.

    During the tours it is a spectacular day, especially the warmth is part of this adventure and this beautiful canton and the good thing is that it does not leave us for a moment alone.

    We Are Going To Start This Tour Around Sarapiqui.

    It begins for about an hour, we can see why ants do not eat leaves and why there can only be one queen in the colony. By what the guide responsible for the tours mention Us.

    In the world, there are approximately 12 thousand species of ants and in Costa Rica, there are 600 species. Also, as a curious fact, it is the insect that has the most individuals per colony.

    In the tours, you can see 3 established colonies that have been designed through a natural system that assimilates what happens to these small insects in the forest.

    Usually, they can recognize 300 meters from where they collect their fuel (leaves) to their colonies, but here for the effect of the tours only 80 m.

    There is also a part at the beginning of the route called the super which is where the ants obtain the material to carry out the fungus that provides them with food.

    Ants do not eat leaves, the leaves are only a raw material that allows them to form the fungus that they see in the colonies for their food.

    The minimum workers through the leaves and their saliva are in charge of forming food for the others and the average workers are the ones in charge of bringing the leaves and the maximum workers are in charge as soldiers to protect the queen, This ensures that there are no intruders from other colonies.

    To conclude, delve deeper into this world of ants so that you discover endless surprising wonders.

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