The 5 Essential Steps to Cleansing and Purifying the Soul

    Follow these simple tips as part of your daily routine and you will feel relieved in every way; liberating, cleansing, and purifying your soul, your spirit, and your whole being

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    Let’s first define what I mean when I talk about the spirit or the soul. By soul, I mean the real essence of who we are, how we love, and why we live and feel. It contains our passions, our energy, and leads us to be better people on this planet.

    Our spiritual side is what makes our lives flow smoothly (maybe not all the time) or feel stagnant and “dirty”. It is easy to avoid looking at this aspect of ourselves, but the importance and impact cannot be ignored.

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    For many years I have known many techniques for spiritual relaxation, release of energy and control of situations, in which many people ask me: How can you ignore situations like this? Or, how can you move on without looking back like this?

    All the things that happen to us, either good or bad, are simply a perception of how we see situations, how we take them, and how we react to them. This article is intended for people who feel bad about situations to which they could not respond otherwise, such as:

    “I did not attend that person’s wedding party and I feel bad about it”, “I could not buy my friend’s Christmas gift and I feel terrible about it”, “I did not pay the bills on time and I feel very bad for that”, “I should never have done that or said that”, and many more examples that I leave to your imagination.

    These are 5 recommendations for you to start an immediate spiritual “cleansing”:

    1. Reduce stress

    Organize all the stressful notes, bills, reminders that are hanging around the house and put them all in one place. So you can control when to observe and analyze them and not stress about meeting any of them when you do not want to.

    Reducing stress in this way can make you feel more grounded, with fully focused spirit, soul, and thought, better intuition, and creative ability to set goals, desires, and achieve fruit.

    2. Detect what the behaviors or your common habits that no longer serve you

    It is very easy to feel unmotivated by self-destructive behaviors, including negative thoughts, not being compassionate and forgiving of ourselves, placing this above reasonable expectations, and much more. Take an honest look at your life and determine which behaviors are no longer working in any sense. Then, discover which behaviors help you grow and which are not bad, but which make this goal difficult for you.

    3. Eliminate fears

    Fear is something that prevents us from doing things in many ways; it limits us to fully connect with the people we love, makes us hesitate to follow our dreams or even affect ourselves physically.

    Look for a “spot” or a place near the middle of the top of your hand, in the groove between the little finger and the ring finger. Just use 3 or 4 fingers of your other hand and press or rub that spot. It is used in conjunction with very deep breaths when you cannot calm yourself. You are touching a specific point on one of its meridians (also known as energy channels) in your body.

    This “spot” is responsible for our “pattern of flight or spiritual struggle”, a place where we often enter when we are fearful or afraid of something, a situation that contributes to a large extent with the nightmares that we may have while we sleep.

    4. Let nature help you clean

    The energy of the planet has many benefits, including helping to regulate hormones in the body and keeping you connected to the Earth, which often helps you feel more calm and confident. Just make an effort to physically ground yourself more often. The best way to reap the benefits of the earth’s spiritual healing properties is to go barefoot on sand, dirt, or grass as often as possible.

    5. Deactivate the power of your «spacesuit»

    I often imagine the space around the body as a spacesuit. Many of us refer to this as the “aura” or “energy field”. Our auras are like magnets capturing the energy that is floating around in our environment. Although most people cannot see the aura, it is still an important part of how we feel.

    Anyway, we need to clean this energy regularly (even if it seems silly, it works, relaxes, and frees the spirit and in all occasions:

    • Using your fingertips, rub the entire space of your body from head to heels. Wash your hands under cold water afterwards to release the negative energy “aura”.

    • If you have a tub bath, immerse yourself and soak your body in a salt bath. You can use sea salt or Epsom salt.

    • If you get a chance, use flower petals to create a spirit cleansing spray. Flowers and plants have a natural cleaning ability. Simply dip some petals that you like in a spray bottle with some essence water that you like. Use the spray on your body from head to toe as often as possible, once a day.

    • If you do not have the time to do this last tip at home, you can choose going to a Spa or a relaxation center, where they will do this for you.

    Follow these tips as part of your daily or weekly routine and you will feel liberated and relieved in every way.

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