A Conspiracy of Love for Costa Rica

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    I have decided to break the silence. I want to share some simple ideas that can move us towards better Costa Rican states of consciousness. It is deserved that all of us speak well of Costa Rica. For that we must feel the Homeland in the soul. The world watches us and concludes that we are a happy people. But we reject virtue and raise our voices to point out our imperfections.

    The path of happiness passes through the goodness of the heart of each one, the connection and harmony with others. Being part of the joy of the Costa Rican is centered on decisions we made from birth as a tribe 200 years ago. We must understand that the value of Costa Rica is that. The inheritance of two centuries makes us who we are.


    We decided to be polite. Ruled by educated people. We consecrate education to the basic principle of national progress. Don Jesús Jiménez declared primary education as free and compulsory at the end of the last century.


    Democracy and republicanism have been our way of governing. The military dictatorship was never an option of the Costa Rican sentiment. One of the few was in the hands of Tomás Guardia. This one elevated, the life, to constitutional norm. It incorporated the abolition of the death penalty at the highest level.

    The well-being of people finds its origins in the hands of Alfredo González Flores. Distribute wealth fairly through a tax contribution according to the possibility of each person or company.

    Health is a social guarantee that was born with President Calderón Guardia and is the core of the national being. The abolition of the army of José Figueres Ferrer is a work of universal character. It is the emblem of peace as a way of life.


    We are brothers of the environment. God gave us that virtue. Daniel Oduber made us dream of a country with protected natural resources from a world that disrupts them.

    We have been able to have electricity in all corners of the country. Clean energy. In harmony with the environment. Great visionaries like Jorge Manuel Dengo and Teófilo De la Torre have been championed in this conquest.

    Drinking water is an investment for all the peoples of Costa Rica. The asadas are social bodies of the communities that impact the health of the inhabitants. President Mario Echandi gave a strong boost to the state company of Aqueducts and Sewers.


    Now we must redouble our efforts to create an economy at the service of Costa Rica and not be the result of dictates from international organizations that do not understand the social and economic reality of our country.

    Eradicate poverty

    We must give value to education and technology to eradicate the poverty of our compatriots. Never allow or encourage the slavery of peoples out of ignorance or the criminal market of people living in poverty.


    Give value to peace and not to the business of war. Costa Rica enjoys the Nobel Peace Prize, on the shoulders of Óscar Arias, who pacified Central America. Our companies and the corporations that invest in the country are to build peace. Never to destroy. That commercial encouragement for peace will bring us more peace.


    We are capable of providing health to every human being that has a seat in the national territory. We have eradicated or controlled all the pandemics that humanity lives. We must be able to export this benefit and well-being to our sister nations. With this, our light will become stronger and greater before humanity.

    Putting love first

    We are and will be able to recognize our spirit of goodness when we put love first. This was proclaimed by President Luis Alberto Monge before Saint John Paul II and his passage through public service was above all a path of gratitude towards others.

    We have the roots. We must take care of them and deepen their energy towards releasing the pain that mistakes cause us. Be able to rectify and follow the path. We must proclaim in every Tico heart a conspiracy of love for Costa Rica.

    Resonance Costa Rica

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