The 3 Most FAQs for Dermatologists

    On many occasions, patients ask me how to choose the sunscreen; choosing according to your skin type is one of the most important keys

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    1. Will acne ever stop? I am past my teen ages…

    This case is very frequent in patients between the ages of 30 and 40, with acne breakouts, known as Adult Acne that many women suffer from; as the word says: unbalanced hormones are the reason. It is important to address these patients jointly with the gynecologist and dermatologist to give the best treatment for each patient.

    In general, some creams from the pharmacy do not solve it or do not see the results. And when patients come in, they have a lot of investment in routine skin care products. This often happens because they saw an influencer who recommended it from his personal and non-professional perspective.

    2. Which sunscreen should you buy?

    On many occasions patients ask me how to choose the sunscreen. Choosing according to your skin type is one of the most important keys.

    We do not want you to be acne prone and choose a greasy cream sunscreen as well as an acne sunscreen with irritating mature skin. Therefore, follow this guide:

    • Look for it on the label with an SPF of 30 to 50 and against type A AND B ultraviolet radiation.

    • If you work in front of computers such as teleworking, look for it against blue light. These are the sunscreens that have pigments or shades depending on your skin color, to put it in simpler words.

    • If you have a tendency to acne, look for it to say oil-free or fat-free.

    • If you have mature skin, choose it with antioxidants on its label.

    • If you have normal to combination skin, it can be in cream or lotion.

    • If you sweat a lot, live in a hot place, play sports or swim, then select one that is waterproof or highly resistant to water.

    3. At what age should I start getting cosmetic injections?

    This question is very common if you are too young or too old to get high. I always say that everything depends on individualizing each case. It is never too late for more mature skin and we must see how the patient ages, both in young and older skin.

    A woman between the ages of 25 and 30 with white skin (let’s remember darker skin ages more slowly), a lot of sun exposure and a very expressive face will need anti-aging therapy. This should be done earlier than another that takes care of the sun; darker skin has more age-friendly genetics. For these above reasons, it is better to be evaluated by a professional in the area, such as a dermatologist, to indicate the best therapy to carry out without changing your features.

    Not everything is Botox…

    Remember that not everything is Botox; you can perform this wonderful technique that I personally love, without changing the person. If you only reduce the very strong wrinkling between the eyebrows, forehead and crow’s feet, you will age more slowly and you will look younger when expressing yourself day by day with Botox.

    There are also biostimulators that are injected into the skin to improve collagen. This is achieved without volumizing–that is, changing the patient’s skin elasticity– as well as hydrating and de-deepening certain wrinkles with hyaluronic acid.

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