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    Tourism in Costa Rica for Nature Lovers

    Costa Rica Promotes Internationally its Renewed Northern Zone

    The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) reported this Saturday that after a renewal of tourism products and a varied offer, it seeks to promote...

    Tapantí National Park: Magical Natural Wonderland

    The Tapantí National Park is a nature reserve that is located in the La Amistad Conservation Area, in conjunction with the Massif de la...

    Come to Tamarindo Beach!

    Playa Tamarindo is the main beach of the district that bears the same name. Also, it is one of the most renowned tourist destinations,...

    Tortuguero National Park: A Natural Sanctuary for Turtles

    Costa Rica has a large number and variety of national parks. They offer tourists and residents the opportunity to get away from the city...

    Looking for Costa Rica’s Manatees

    Manatees are big animals, also called “sea cows”. They live in rivers and coastal waters from Florida to Brazil. In Costa Rica, these animals...
    San Jose de Heredia

    Three Places in San Jose de Heredia to Go Hiking and Relax

    There are some places in Costa Rica that are a must-go. One of those places is San Rafael de Heredia, a canton where nature...

    Explore the top 5 places in Montezuma.

    Montezuma is a cozy picturesque town in Costa Rica, known for its bohemian atmosphere and the great scenic beauty of its beaches, rivers and...
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