Successful Women in STEM Careers Encourage Female Participation in These Areas

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    Increasingly, women working in careers related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are making their way into important companies in the industry.

    Examples of this achievement are the engineer Natalia Rodríguez from the Teradyne company, Karen Cordero, a materials engineer from the HOLOGIC company, the laboratory technician Roxana Herrera, who works at Smiths Interconnect, and the economist Tatiana Rodríguez, from the Medtronic firm. “I was inclined to choose a career related to STEM because since I was a child I loved mathematics and chemistry, during school I came to realize that this was what I was passionate about, I had the opportunity to go to the National Chemistry Olympics and see the dynamics of other boys and girls made me realize that this was where I really wanted to be”, said Cordero.


    The 4 women are part of 55% of the workforce of the Coyol Free Zone industrial park, which provides employment opportunities to 18,500 people. They represent the high capacity and talent that nourishes the daily work in an industry as complex and changing as medical devices.

    Tatiana Rodríguez, economist at the firm Medtronic: “I am inspired by my parents, they studied accounting and already had experience at home. In addition, my teachers from the Experimental Bilingual School of Greece supported me and they saw that potential in me and advised me. I have a passion for solving, so at school when I had to solve an equation or a problem I would raise my hand, it is something that I love”, Rodríguez stressed.

    In the case of Herrera, she commented: “At school I felt excluded, but over time I realized that no, despite being a woman you can go ahead and study whatever you want. I am going to study engineering, if you put your mind to it, you can get ahead”.

    For Rodríguez, little by little more spaces have been opened where women can experiment with these areas, such as through robotics and electronics workshops, among others. “Women must be empowered with information, let’s not fall into stereotypes, not all engineers are the same, the fact that I did not score 100 points in mathematics does not mean that she cannot be an engineer; you have to lose your fear”, she concluded.

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