Gender Gaps in STEM Careers Show Promise

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    STEM careers, or those involving Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics, have traditionally been dominated by men in the past. But due to the efforts of several organizations and educational institutions, the rate of women pursuing these jobs has risen substantially in recent times.

    Many women are seeing the benefits of a STEM-related job and are seeking education in record numbers. Higher wages are one of the primary reasons behind the recent surge. With the increased pay, women can enjoy more vacations with family, enter the workforce later in life, and even plan for an early retirement.

    Another noticeable benefit is the amount of education required for these carriers. Most only require a Bachelor’s degree, which puts them in the field in less time and lessens the overall amount of student loan debt that cripples most students. Less debt means women can put away more money in a much quicker than similar paying jobs in other fields.

    States like Maryland and Massachusetts are proudly boasting a higher ratio of men to women in STEM careers. With just over two men for every woman working in STEM careers, they continue to promote women in the field and narrow the gender gap. While most states employ similar ratios as Maryland and Massachusetts, a few states are still behind.

    Idaho and Utah currently employ more than four men for every woman in the field. While these numbers are not typical, they do exist in a few parts of the country. Curious to see where your state lands on the list? In this infographic, information taken from a U.S. Census Bureau community survey that shows the ratio and total population of men and women working in each state. You might be surprised where your state falls on the list.


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