Women in Science and Technology: 5 Tips for Your Foray Into STEM Careers

    The data is clear: female participation in the STEM field continues to be very low globally

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    STEM is known as those careers and work associated with science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The United Nations reported that only two out of ten Artificial Intelligence professionals are women. If this fact remains unchanged, it would take 100 years to close the gender gap in these areas.

    For this reason, the expert Jeannie Bonilla, revealed five tips that individually and as a society can be used to reverse the figures. To motivate women to venture into science and technology, Bonilla, who is Head of Technical & Executive Education at elev8 Costa Rica indicated:

    • Encourage girls’ interest in technology through games, readings, visits to museums and participation in workshops such as robotics or programming

    • Talk with the young women about the importance of an informed vocational decision about their life and career project.

    • Promote the message that careers are genderless

    • Advise them on the characteristics of STEM careers, their potential, benefits and opportunities for growth

    • Report on the competencies that employers seek in women to face the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    – It also considers important the constant training of women in the field of technology mainly.

    Even a woman who works in a field other than technology could change her destiny through courses, training and certifications, according to Bonilla.

    When it comes to choosing a career, women are being encouraged to choose STEM careers

    However, the expert recommended that this orientation should be aimed at women from an early age. “If we want more women involved in this constantly growing field, we have to strengthen their education. Waiting until the last year of school to motivate them to study STEM careers is too late,” she stressed. “We must start by teaching them from childhood that science and technology is something interesting and fun,” added Bonilla. According to a recent study, companies with more women earn 21% more.
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