Tico Union Leader Defends Agreement Between Costa Rica and Cuba

    He states that it promotes positive programming and not “junk” content

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    The union leader in the National Radio and Television System (Sinart) of Costa Rica Fernando Vargas today defended the Framework Cooperation Agreement signed with the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT).

    “I do not know with what moral authority some deputies to the Legislative Assembly come out today talking about the Framework Cooperation Agreement that favors the Tico institutions. We really need this type of agreement, not only with Cuba, but with any other country,” Vargas said.

    The leader of the National Association of Public and Private Employees (ANEP) in the Sinart Section – unionized workers of that institution – assured that in this position of the legislators there is actually an ideological problem.

    Faced with this, he stressed, the workers of the public institution are happy with this agreement, because we consider that it constitutes an important step for Sinart and now we hope that in the coming weeks it will begin to work to see new programming in our official Channel.

    Stimulating culture and not “junk”

    “I do not understand why this reaction to the signing of that cooperation agreement and they do not do it when other channels transmit pornography or those that promote drug trafficking or so-called junk programs that contribute nothing to the culture and knowledge of the population. With these programs they remain silent,” said Vargas. He denounced that Sinart is the victim today of those and other deputies who only reduce the entity’s budget each year with the aim of suffocating it, of drowning it.

    Vargas expressed the support and solidarity of the Sinart workers to the Convention, as well as thanked the Greater Antilles people for this noble gesture of exchanging television and radio content for a better understanding of both countries.

    Promoting friendship and cooperation

    In response to the campaign of some people and the press against the rubric of the aforementioned agreement, a Statement was issued by Costa Ricans in support of Sinart, in which they assure that said agreement has no other objective than to ‘promote friendship and cooperation between the peoples of Cuba and Costa Rica’.

    And specifically, it seeks to promote ‘bilateral relations in relation to the audiovisual and radio communication services of both States and to generate a framework for the joint exchange and production of content of general interest aimed at promoting culture, education and information of the citizens’.

    Local support

    In a few hours, this Statement received 133 signatures of support from relevant local personalities, among which its promoter the former Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Arnoldo Mora, and the national awards for culture Magón – the highest award in the field in Costa Rica- Alfonso Chase and Julieta Doubles.
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