Are You Planning to Vacation in Costa Rica During the Easter Holiday?

    Review the dates of religous activities this year

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    If you are planning a trip for the next Easter holiday, take into account that this year it will start on March 28th with Palm Sunday and will conclude a week later, on April 4th, with Resurrection Sunday. Meanwhile, Holy Thursday and Good Friday will be April 1st and 2nd, respectively, according to the established calendar.

    Many institutions and companies tend to give free all this week, so people take the opportunity to take those days to go on vacation. Others, on the other hand, must stay working. If this is your case, remember that only Holy Thursday and Good Friday are mandatory paid holidays.

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    Know your Labor rights

    In case you have to work either of these two holidays, take into account that your remuneration must be double pay that day. If, in addition to this, you work overtime, these must be paid at double time and a half, that is, triple pay. This was indicated by the Ministry of Labor in various communications.

    So far, the Government has not announced restrictive measures for Easter due to the Pandemic.

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