Speed Bumps on Bridge over Tárcoles River Will Be Placed Soon

MOPT Minister Announces Measure for Safety of Tourists Watching Crocodiles

Speed ​​bumps will be placed on the bridge over the Tárcoles River, in Puntarenas, in order to guarantee the safety of tourists who walk on that structure to watch crocodiles gathering at that site.

The measure is intended for tourists and pedestrians safety

This was confirmed by the Minister of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), Rodolfo Méndez Mata, who said that this will be a short-term measure after the Constitutional Court made a call for attention for the lack of measures that allow a step pedestrian insurance.

“As a first step, we are coordinating with the Road Safety Council (Cosevi) and the Department of Traffic Engineering for the placement of speed bumps. The call for attention (from Room IV) seems appropriate”, said Méndez Mata.

The minister said that measures will be sought to encourage tourism in the area, giving security to those who wish to see the crocodiles.

“I think it is a timely call to the institution and me in what concerns me. We think that immediately the placement of reducers helps improve safety and, in addition, we have several suggestions and ideas that have been raised to support tourism in the area and that even local or foreign tourism can be facilitated to appreciate these animals”, he added.

The official’s pronouncement is given 2 years after Room IV ordered the execution of such measures. At the Conavi, they assured that, in addition, they will initiate in the short-term a study for the total rehabilitation of that structure.

SOURCEKristin Hidalgo
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