The Positive Side of Stress

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    Stress is enemy number one, because it is believed to be responsible for most heart attacks, nerve imbalances, and even cancer.

    However, studies show the opposite. A certain degree of tension works in a positive way in our life; what happens is that many people do not know how to channel it. Learn to take advantage of stress!

    According to the scientists who were dedicated to this research: “People who live in rural areas have a high level of disorders caused by stress and the most known and dangerous is depression. As for cities, these create anxiety for its inhabitants, but they have the advantage of having more places for recreation and recreation than the countryside. ”

    So there is a controversy that type A people (the compulsive, competitive and dynamic), are candidates for heart attack.

    A North American life insurance company studied the case of 2,350 modern and business women, and came to the conclusion that these women full of stress, activities and responsibilities, have a higher average life than others who lead a long life. less active. In conclusion: stress does not have to be our enemy, but a great ally, if we know how to channel it and learn to use it in our favor.

    What is stress really?

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    The term stress or tension has been used by many people to describe “nervous tension” or “physical exhaustion”, thus giving it a wrong meaning. Hans Selye, a Canadian biologist who spent many decades studying this issue before he died, described stress as “the way everyone lives at any time or time.”

    In other words, all living things are under stress and any unpleasant or pleasant situation that raises the intensity in your life causes a temporary increase in that tension. So in this world, everything creates tension for us … from the death of a friend to a passionate kiss.

    We feel the same physical stress when we fall in love as when we break up with the loved one, because the signals that the brain sends to the body are the same.

    In both cases, the brain induces the body to secrete certain chemical substances and among them is adrenaline (a hormone secreted by the medullary mass of the adrenal glands). With that level of adrenaline “traveling” through our system, our heart beats rapidly, the sugar level rises, and suddenly we are in a very high state of physiological arousal.

    And not only are certain hormones secreted when we are under stress, but the simple presence of something that causes us anxiety can cause our brain to activate performing quite complex functions, which prepare us to accept great challenges.

    Some people who feel very good in that state, for example, those who live a dynamic life and sometimes threatened by danger, such as paratroopers, stuntmen involved in difficult scenes, race car racers, etc., many Sometimes they comment that they feel euphoric when under stress.

    On the other hand, those people who confess that they work better under pressure are, according to scientists, addicted to the sensations caused by the chemicals in their body, unleashed by stress.

    In other words, all people need a certain level of stress to feel vibrant and in full contact with life. Without any stress, we run the risk of becoming useless and old.

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