Ostional Receives one of the Big Turtle Arrivals of the Year

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    We have very good news for all nature lovers, this past weekend the Ostional Association of Local Guides (AGLO) reported that today one more massive turtle arrival is starting.

    “Today began a second arrival for the month of October, this is one of the big arrivals of the year and could last at least 5 to 6 more days.” If you are one of the people who are interested in going to observe this spectacle of nature, we inform you that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the guidelines for turtle watching and hiring guides changed in Ostional.

    Some of the changes that are being applied from now on are the following:

    Only tourists who have a prior reservation will be served. If a large influx of tourists is received without reservation, the Refuge will be closed, so it is recommended to make your reservation.

    The beach opening hours will be established by the Ministry of Health.

    We ask that you please bring your mask.

    Tourists will wait in their respective vehicles for their turn to enter the beach, this in order to avoid crowds at the service station.

    As far as possible, the use of cash is being avoided, so those who have access are requested to cancel the guided service through SINPE Móvil or electronic transfer.

    The Association of Local Guides Ostional (AGLO) reminds tourists of the channels they can use to make their reservation:

    By phone: 506 2682-0428

    WhatsApp: +506 6252 7412

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