Homemade Tricks to Lower Fever in Children.

What to do when nocturnal fevers attack?

Fever is the body heating of the human being due to agents that cause infection and the body, as a response or warning, increases the temporary temperature of the body, which may be a viral or infectious process.

The normal pediatric body temperature is 37 ° C, when a child’s body temperature rises above 38 ° C it is already considered a feverish condition, to know or identify if it is a viral condition this process lasts approximately 3 days.

If after that period the fever persists, it could already be talking about an infectious clinical picture to which it must be taken for medical evaluation for its respective review and diagnosis for the placement of the appropriate treatment that eliminates the existing infection in the organism.

It must be taken into account and very clearly that fevers are dangerous, so we recommend if after applying one of the tricks that we will give the fever persists or rises to 40 °, bathe it to lower the fever a bit for half an hour and then take him to the emergency room for his respective medication and medical check-up.

The ways of taking the temperature will depend on the age of the child, from zero months to one year of life the temperature is taken rectally, it is the most accurate for the age, from thirteen months to eight years approximately it is taken by the axillary way, and from nine onwards the intake will be done orally.

Here are the tricks used by grandmothers to reduce fever almost immediately in children:

1. What they call the coffee grounds, which is nothing more than the coffee residue that we strain together with crushed garlic, we form templates that we will place on the children’s feet wrapped in paper in this way it will absorb the humidity and we place stockings to hold the insole this will cause sweat thus lowering the body temperature.

2. Moistening a pair of socks with vinegar then placing them on the feet will help almost immediately to regulate the temperature.

3. The mixture of vinegar and isopropyl alcohol moistens the child’s stockings are placed on him and quickly regulates the body temperature.

4. Finally the bath with lukewarm water, not cold; that is, water that is not warm or cold at room temperature, the child should be bathed for a maximum hour rubbing the entire body with a cloth so that the cloth absorbs the temperature specifically the armpit area, feet, hands, chest, back, and forehead.

These are just four of the most used tricks or home remedies to lower fever in children.

Finally, we must not forget that a fever is not a game if you see that the fever persists, contact the doctor and consult the cause of the fever for its respective treatment, whether due to a viral or infectious process.

Without forgetting that if the child is less than 12 months old, go immediately to the doctor and do not apply any of the above advice.

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