Women: What to do on those days of the month?

It shows up punctually every month. These typical discomforts of menstruation that affect to a greater or lesser degree all women of childbearing age, from young women to 40s and many 50s as well. And what is the cause?

The hormones in the days before the menstrual flow, the estrogens are as they say in “free fall” and it is enough that the period begins for it to start doing its own thing.

The consequence is that in that interval the skin, circulation, and hair become capricious due to the hormonal change that occurred in those days, to face this unpleasant alteration of the physical appearance during those days of the month do not think twice and indulge yourself a just a little bit more follow some practical tips and try various quick action tricks.

The skin becomes sensitive, since the pH of the skin is altered and the production of fat is imminent, resulting in clogging of the pores forming the so-called blackheads and pimples.

What to do then?

Two simple things replace the moisturizer during those days, change it for a gel without oil (oil-free), which does not leave traces of fat on the skin. In addition to using an effective product against pimples. Some women in themselves have sensitive skin and in those days of the period the problem is more serious, the natural defenses that protect the skin decrease in a large quantity so it becomes irritated and reddened more easily, in this case, it should be used hypoallergenic creams with added anti-inflammatory on those days girls try not to use bath soap as they may have strong components that can be aggressive for sensitive skin, it is advisable to use intimate bath gel during those days.

In case of excessive fat in the hair, wash it more since the excess of fat is deposited in the hair follicle affecting the appearance of the hair which makes it look greasy, dull, and dull. During those days it is advisable to use shampoo based on almond oil, wheat germ, or jojoba preferably every day while you have menstruation since these products help regulate the production of natural oil on the scalp and protect the hair strand making it look brighter and silkier.

Your ankles become swollen, easy, use pineapple or arnica gel on ankles and legs during these days so the blood will flow better in the veins since the inflammation will be attacked, remember that they will become heavy due to the swelling or fluid retention that can cause abrupt hormonal changes.

Another way to attack this problem is to do a foot bath with warm water and sea salt or coarse salt, then massaging the legs from the ankles to the knees with a refreshing gel-based on pineapple extract. Arnica or eucalyptus, you can also drink pineapple juice, it is anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and high in fiber, thus helping to keep the area of ​​the legs and feet stable on those days as well as favoring other organs of the body.

Dark circles for them are the miraculous cold chamomile since it contains bisacolol, it is a substance that contracts the capillaries, for the typical bags under the eyes it is enough to place any cream for that area with lymphatic drainage type massages by placing the middle and index fingers. Light pressure from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Another tip, at least during those days, avoids coffee, rather have breakfast with a fruit salad based on strawberries, blackberries, grapes, and orange. These fruits are rich in flavonoids, a substance that protects capillaries and activates microcirculation.

To end these tips on those annoying but common days for women, take quality time for yourself instead of just throwing yourself into bed to hibernate.

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