Some Simple Tips to Cure and Avoid Mild Skin Impurities

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    Some Simple Tips to Cure and Avoid Mild Skin Impurities

    We all have skin problems and nobody wants to spend money on expensive facials and visits to the dermatologist, so we have good news.

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    Generally, skin problems that seem serious are not, and with the new products that we can find today, you can easily solve them by yourself.

    There is no ideal fix-age at which you should start using anti-aging cream. Sometimes all we really need is a good cleaner to remove impurities or a simple makeup trick that takes the attention off the affected area.

    If you like to laugh, cry, express your emotions or enjoy life, these facial expressions combined with the gradual loss of collagen eventually promote wrinkles, they also can be called expression lines. Dermatologists agree that long-term preventive treatments give good results. The best premature defense is the peptides, chains of amino acids that are applied daily help retain collagen.

    There is a particular peptide known as argireline that helps relax the contracted muscles, which cause those terrible wrinkles. Experts say that this peptide is highly effective when it comes to filling in existing wrinkles and preventing new ones from coming out, especially in your late twenties.

    When cracks arise on the lips, what happens?

    By chance you do not use very often those lipsticks that serve to achieve a voluptuous effect on your lips, they contain ingredients such as cayenne pepper and cinnamon that create a luminous mouth through the swelling that occurs on the lips but at the same time make them sexy and attractive.

    They also drastically dry them out. Stop using them and gently hidrate your lips with a damp towel to remove the hardened parts. Then apply a balm that contains Karite butter or petrolatum to create a barrier that keeps moisture on the lips. If the dryness is chronic, you should have a blood test to check that you are not iron deficient, although rare, the lack of iron in the blood can cause constant cracking and hardening of the skin. The solution is to add foods rich in this mineral to your diet, such as salmon, turkey, eggs, almonds, beans.

    Pimples on your face

    During your menstrual cycle, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone levels change, so that an increase in oil production occurs two days from the date you expect outbreaks, use a cleanser and a moisturizer if you need hydration that contains salicylic acid to remove dead skin cells and kill bacteria on the epidermis.

    After five days go back to your usual beauty routine. If the pimples appear unrelated to your period, your cell phone is probably the cause. Constantly clean it with disinfectant wipes to prevent future outbreaks on your skin.

    The face no longer has pimples but what about the ones on the back

    Pimples and blackheads on the back are very annoying usually caused by details as simple as not removing the conditioner well from our skin after rinsing the hair.

    A quick exfoliation twice a week will have your body ready for the sexy spring tops that reveal more skin than normal. Mix a handful of sea salt with your body gel, apply this mixture on the shoulder and shoulder blades and with a bath sponge spread over the entire back.

    Rub harder on affected areas. If they leave marks on your skin? A treatment with azelaic acid can help you by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, which influences the pigmentation of your skin.

    How can the skin’s luminosity be maintained?

    Before sleeping, first use a very gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin, then massage with the fingertips two drops of some antioxidant oil such as almonds or grape seeds, rub your cheeks, temples and foreheads the sides of nose and chin to stimulate circulation.

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