Seven Most Romantic Places in Costa Rica for a Honeymoon

Costa Rica stands out among the rest of the popular honeymoon destinations. This Central American country has long ago become a sort of a haven and merely a place to forget about the annoying routine for many Americans. Regardless of its size, Costa Rica has a lot of things that might amuse you: uncountable beaches, romantic restaurants, majestic forests, and many more. Traveling to this place is a top pick for the people who are keen on different activities and want to fill their lives with unforgettable moments.

Whether you are already engaged, or you are about to meet mail order brides and find a wife online or in person, you can start planning your honeymoon trip straight away. We have collected a few travel destinations, which will unlikely make you remain skeptical about this country.

Puerto Jimenez

Located in the Osa Peninsula, this place is a top pick for those who want to enjoy a beautiful honeymoon in the rain forest near the coast. What makes this place spectacular is the fact that you can combine relaxation with exploration. Namely, living in a rainforest can open you to a whole new world of biodiversity and fascinating nature. Besides, if you opt for Puerto Jimenez, you may take advantage of it and visit the Corcovado National Park. There you can book any activity you want: scuba diving, whale watching, waterfall hiking, and many more. So if you’re going to spend your honeymoon relaxing at the beach and engaging in fun activities, Puerto Jimenez sounds like a top destination.

La Ventolera

La Ventolera is a hill which is situated not far from the capital of Costa Rica. If you and your fiance enjoy the idea of hiking and spending your honeymoon actively, La Ventolera can be a top choice. According to websites that provide ‘buying a wife’ services,

La Ventolera is an excellent place to impress your other half. This is a spectacular place to take a few photos and observe the central valley, which is a must if you find yourself in Costa Rica. Make sure you prepare for the hiking and take all the essentials.

Santa Teresa

This place stands out among the rest of Costa Rican towns because of the particular bohemian style it has preserved. What makes this town distinct is the wide range of activities available. If you just want to take a break from the hectic life and spend days lying on the beach, you can do that in Santa Teresa. The beaches are incredibly beautiful there! Besides, you can treat yourself and go to the spa to get refreshed and energized. If you prefer learning something new and doing some activities, you may take a few surf lessons and go waterfall hiking.


Once you see Uvita Beach, you will hardly want to go anywhere else. This beach is particular for its snow-white sand and the calmest ever ocean water. If you go to this area, you can both enjoy your time at the uncrowded beach and go horseback riding, hiking, surfing, or snorkeling. What will reasonably make you fall in love with this place is calmness and the absence of the touristic vibes. If we could characterize this place in three words, these words would be the ocean, the rainforest, and excellent service.


If what you’re seeking is a quiet, romantic place in the Caribbean, Tortuguero will pleasantly amaze you. This is one of the most remote sites in Costa Rica, and such a fact adds this place a considerable appeal. There you can try some tropical drinks and the tastiest fruits you can find only in Costa Rica. Since the area is situated relatively far from well-known tourist destinations, this adds to the place’s premium status. One can fairly call this place a tropical paradise.

Gulf Of Papagayo

Nothing can be more suitable for the most romantic honeymoon than traveling to the Gulf of Papagayo. Famous for the long coastline and tropical forests, the Gulf Of Papagayo has become home to multiple premium resorts and hotels in Costa Rica. What contributes to the place’s ultimate convenience is the proximity to the airport. You will never regret seeing the spectacular beaches and infinity pools in the Gulf Of Papagayo!


What makes this romantic place particular is the treehouse retreat. Just imagine: you can enjoy the breathtaking views right from your treehouse exactly in the forest. Also situated quite far away from the city and tourist destinations, Siquirres guarantees you the best romantic stay. There you can go to Gollo Sequirres, which is a place with plenty of local shops and stores. Or, you may enhance your rafting experience in the Pacuare River.

If you are about to marry the person you love, and you want to impress with the most unforgettable honeymoon destination – opt for planning your honeymoon at a top Costa Rican travel destination. Or if you are single yet, you may still travel to Costa Rica in search of that special person. What is yet indisputable is that Costa Rica has something for everyone, so why not take your chance and explore deep rainforests and the cleanest beaches in the world?