Special Olympics Will Have Events of the Indigenous Ticos for the First Time

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    A delegation from the Special Olympics visited eight indigenous territories of Costa Rica in order to make visible and offer new opportunities to people with disabilities and at the same time proposed to the Indigenous Development Associations (ADI) of each area the project of carrying out the first event inclusive for indigenous territories.

    This approach, which took place in the areas of Cabagra, China Kichá, Boruca, Salitre, Rey Curré, Ujarrás, Térraba and Coto was given with the support of the National Commission for Indigenous Affairs (CONAI) as well as the Mayor’s Office of Buenos Aires and the regional directorates of Education.

    Thankful for all the support

    “We undertook all work in six areas of Buenos Aires and two very close to Puriscal, the meetings were very favorable, we thank all the people who are supporting us with this initiative. And are proposing to these areas holding the first fully recreational inclusive event for June 12th as long as the health situation and protocols allow us. We propose to start with two sports from our program, 5-men football and bocce ball”, stated Wady Vado, Special Olympics Sports Director.

    Vado added that there are other indigenous territories that have shown interest in bringing new opportunities to their communities through the Special Olympics. “Territories of Limón, Upala and Nicoya could also join forces and we hope to have more news in the coming days,” added Vado.

    Joint effort

    The intention of Special Olympics is to start the program at the indigenous level in a recreational way and later move to the competitive stage. The visit was also used to train these regions in the discipline of football and bocce ball, and supplies were donated to them, as confirmed by the Special Olympics sports manager, Mario Coto.

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