SINAC Takes the Case of an Australian Emu Found in Golfito to the Public Prosecutor’s Office

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    The National System of Conservation Areas (Sinac) presented the case of the Australian emu found in Golfito to the Public Ministry. As confirmed, Carlos Madriz from Sinac, since last May 10th an investigation has been carried out in the area. “We found the place and we are in the process of investigating who sold them. We are carrying out the respective processes, but the investigation report is going to be presented to the Public Ministry”, he indicated.

    According to Madriz, the institution does not have any record of permits in the area to keep this type of exotic animal. Therefore, it would be illegal animal trafficking. “We are finishing collecting the documentary evidence; It is for the moment what can be reported about the case”, said Madriz. The person who is found guilty of illegal animal trafficking is exposed to a penalty that can range from 6 months to 2 years in jail.

    This case in question

    It was on May 9th, 2023, that neighbors near the Coto River and National Route 14 reported the unusual animal. “When the police arrived, they found 2 peasants who were guarding an emu. It is a native bird of Australia and, for unknown reasons, it came to that place. Some debated whether they should kill it to eat its meat”, reported the Public Force.

    Sinac experts captured the animal and transferred it to an animal shelter in the area for assessment, because it was not known how long it had been roaming that place; then, it will be taken to Zoo Ave in Alajuela.

    About the emu

    According to the emu’s assessments, it is a young adult that, for the type of species, is extremely docile. “This type of bird normally, in the presence of humans, runs, gets stressed very easily and is risky. However, the technician who attended to the situation pointed out that it is domesticated, because it is very docile”, Madriz explained.

    The emu is a flightless bird, considered nomadic, as it can travel great distances to find food. It is mainly omnivorous (that is, it eats insects and plants). A curiosity is that, after the ostrich and the cassowary, it is the third heaviest bird in the world, but the second in height.

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