Shark vs. Bissell Steam Mop: The Battle of Steam Mops

    Shark vs. Bissell Steam Mop: Brand Comparison

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    Are you tired of cleaning the floor every day? Do you wish there are ways to clean it faster to give you free time to watch your favorite TV show? If you keep asking these questions, it’s a sign that you need to buy a steam mop. A good steam mop is all you need to clean all kinds of surfaces fast and easy.

    Shark vs. Bissell Steam Mop: Which One to Pick?

    After doing some research online, you might have come across several brands of steam mops. Two of the most popular brands today are Shark and Bissell steam mop. In this blog, we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of using each brand to help you decide which one to pick.

    Shark vs. Bissell: Size

    Shark Steam Mop

    Shark steam mop weighs roughly 4.9 pounds. It’s super lightweight and has a small size which makes it easier to move around the house. You can take it from your living room to your bedroom upstairs with no issue. It works perfectly in cleaning the staircases as well.

    Shark steam can hold up to 15 ounces of water which is enough to operate for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the cleaning mode it’s on. This water capacity minimizes the need for a constant refill. The water is being held inside a transparent reservoir to let you see the content.

    The mop also includes a 25-foot cord which is long enough to reach various corners of the house. Steam cleaners with long cables are ideal during the spread of infections since they can cover more areas in one session.

    Bissell Steam Mop

    Bissell is relatively heavier than Shark with its six-pound weight. Like Shark, Bissell has a small, sleek design, which allows it to improve its mobility. It comes with a 23-foot cable which enables you to move it around without lifting the machine. This makes Bissell the best model for pet owners since it can reach the areas under the furniture where pet hairs are common.

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    Shark vs. Bissell: Cleaning Power

    Shark Steam Mop

    This machine can heat cold water to steam in less than 30 seconds, allowing it to quickly wipe off any spill before it dries and sticks to the floor. The steam dries within 10 seconds, leaving the floor looking clean and looking new again. This feature is ideal if you have kids or pets who would be running around right after cleaning.

    The transparent reservoir allows you to see if there is still water left in the tank. This way, you will have an idea of how long it takes before the next refill.

    Bissell Steam Mop

    Bissell steam mop has a removable tank which makes it easier to refill the reservoir without spilling the water on the floor.

    In terms of the cleaning mode, the machine has a digital remote control that allows you to choose and adjust the steam level. There are three levels to choose from: high, medium, or low steam; each has its advantages in cleaning different surfaces. Like Shark, it can also heat cold water for approximately 30 seconds.

    Shark vs. Bissell: Ease of Use

    Directing the steam mop to clean the right spots is very important as it lessens your effort and cleaning time. Shark steam mop’s head can swivel, making it easy to turn the device into any direction. To get an idea of how Shark steam mop works, you can check out this quick video tutorial.

    Bissel can clean every inch of the floor without the need to lift the furniture. The long cord helps in reaching corners and low spaces. If you’re suffering from back pain, consider using this product to minimize the need for moving or carrying heavy objects from the floor.

    When doing a household chore, ergonomics is essential to keep you safe and prevent muscle fatigue. Both brands have excellent handle design to support a firm grip. This makes it easier to maneuver the machine in the right direction without pushing it hard.

    Shark vs. Bissell: Floor Head

    The floor head is perhaps the most crucial part since it gets in contact with the surface. Shark steam mop has a rectangular-shaped floor head that enables it to cover a wider surface area in one sweep. The product comes with two washable microfiber pads that remove dirt and stains, unlike the traditional bucket-and-mop combo. It’s also practical to use washable pads rather than buying a new mop head often.

    On the other hand, Bissell has a unique floor head in the sense that it has a flip-down scrubber. It also has extra features such as spring fragrance disks and a carpet glider. These features are efficient in removing stubborn grime and stain.

    Shark vs. Bissell Steam Mop: Which One Wins?

    Each brand has its strengths that can work based on your situation. For instance, if you need a steam mop that you can use longer and with a mop heap that can cover more area, choose Shark.

    On the other hand, Bissell has more cleaning features that can help you better in removing deep-seated dirt. The scrubbing pad plus carpet glider makes it fit to clean different surfaces.

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