Scarlet Macaws Begin Their Nesting Season in Costa Rica Amid Multiple Threats

    Parrots will soon begin their nesting season 2021-2022, key to the continuity of the species

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    Despite the biological and tourist importance of Costa Rican Parrots, their trade, trafficking and looting are a latent risk. The concerns are mainly focused on the scarlet macaw, already declared in danger of extinction. For this reason, various environmental operations and even transit operations are being prepared.

    This species lives mainly in Garabito and Orotina and nests in the mangroves of Guacalillo and surrounding areas such as Carara, Jacó, Herradura, Bijagual. To regulate possible traffic or capture, the National System of Conservation Areas and the Traffic Police will maintain controls in the area.

    In danger

    It has been identified that there is a tendency to looting nests, as well as reducing their habitat. In addition, complaints continue to arrive from people who keep Scarlet Macaws illegally as pets, mainly in Orotina and Jacó.


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