Santa Cruz Will Be Hotter and Drier Over the Next 20 Years, Experts Forecast

    Study is a wake-up call to take preventive actions in the Guanacaste canton

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    A gradual increase in temperatures and a reduction in rainfall awaits the Guanacaste canton of Santa Cruz over the next 20 years, according to researcher projections.

    And it is that as this century progresses, Santa Cruz will be hotter and drier, causing uncertainty for rainfall until 2040, according to data from the Center for Geophysical Research of the University of Costa Rica (CIGEFI-UCR).

     “Climate change scenarios describe a sustained trend of temperature increase, starting with an average annual value of 26° Celsius in 1979, which is currently at a value close to 27° Celsius. By the year 2050, said variable would be above 28° and by 2099, above 30° Celsius”, the study indicates.

    Preventive measures as soon as possible

    These projections are a call to action to take preventive measures as soon as possible and develop an adaptation strategy that addresses the potential impacts of climate change on water resources, agricultural activities, and the development of tourism services.

    “The canton has a large number of civil society organizations and initiatives that have worked on different environmental aspects for many years. This contingent of social groups has to serve as a fundamental point of support to carry out a vigorous strategy in this field,” said Hernán Imhoff, president of the Tamarindo Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, which is part of the Santa Cruz Environmental Commission. .

    Long term proposals

    The Water Supply Project for the Middle Basin of the Tempisque River and Coastal Communities (Paacume) and the Early Warning System against forest fires are part of the initiatives that are proposed to address the effects of climate change for the region in the long term.

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