San Jose’s TradeStation and TradingView Partnership Shows Financial Services’ Commitment to Future

Costa Rica Has Become a Hotbed for Financial Developments, with Trade Deals and Investment from Japan

TradeStation and TradingView have been busy in the past few months with the announcement of their integrated services platform. TradeStation – an online broker-dealer and futures commission merchant – has reached an understanding with TradingView. This means that TradingView users who happen to be TradeStation brokerage customers can use both platforms in order to create a holistic image of their trades. This means that they can use TradingView for their trading objectives, while also accessing TradeStation’s robust execution order. TradeStation’s San Jose, Costa Rica office is elemental in this partnership to boost the customer’s route into trading and enhance their ability to make the most of trades.

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Financial Services Commitment to the Future

The partnership is a testament to the financial services sector’s growing commitment to showing that they are putting their customers first – and moves are being seen across the industry to demonstrate this. Not only are new innovations coming to the fore with the way in which digital technology plays a huge part in financial services, trading, and savings accounts – but that the future looks like it will take this technology and run with it. Moreover, the ease of access to IRA accounts are showing that the customer is placed front and center. Indeed, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are a way of saving the money you are bringing in while earning to then spend when you are retired. The scheme is beneficial because of the tax-advantageous means of which the savings occur. You are paid interest on your savings and can also invest in through the IRA account, which could end up allocating you more money.

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TradeStation and TradingView Partnership

Both companies claimed that their recognized commitment to innovation was responsible in part for their decision to work together. Their ultimate goal is to grow the trading community, and by working together to offer customers the best of each of their services, they can achieve this better than working alone. TradingView is an integrated data hub and provides up-to-the-minute information during market hours. Those who then choose San Jose’s TradeStation as their brokerage merchant will be able to take advantage of the data output from TradingView. TradeStation have also recently boosted their own data output by offering clients the opportunity to further investigate the odds of a contract expiry or the odds of breaking even. This digital revolution helps place the decision for trades more firmly in the hands of the person doing the trade, armed with information from their brokerage merchant and a slew of data available.

Indeed, Costa Rica has become a hotbed for financial developments, with trade deals and investment from Japan benefitting Costa Rica’s position as a strategic partner for Japanese firms such as Panasonic to Fujitsu and Toyota. The future of financial developments doesn’t necessarily have to lie in the places where financial growth and development so far has occurred. The strategic nature of globalization and the way in which digital means have aided trade means that greater advancements should be expected throughout the world.


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