San José in the Top 10 of Most Popular Cities for Business Trips in South and Central America

    Tico capital is in ninth position

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    San José is one of the 10 most popular destinations for business travel in Central and South America according to a Givetastic study published on February 12.To carry out the ranking, the platform selected more than 1 million Instagram posts with the hashtag #businesstrip to identify the top 10 destinations worldwide, by continent and in the United Kingdom.

    The study exclusively incorporates post-pandemic data, with a cut-off until February 2024 and focuses exclusively on cities.Our capital occupies ninth position with 231 geotagged publications and is placed above Medellín.

    Brazil leads the region with Sao Paulo as number one (+700 posts) and Rio de Janeiro in fourth position (+300).The top 5 is completed by Santiago in second place, Bogotá in third and Guatemala in fifth.Buenos Aires, Panama and Cartagena also stand out on the list.

    Globally, North America (4 cities), Europe (3 cities), and Asia (3 cities) dominate the top 10 most popular destinations.Miami is the most attractive city to do business, according to the study, due to its diverse economic landscape and strong presence in international trade, real estate, aviation/aerospace and travel, among other areas.

    This place had more than 12 thousand posts and also stands out for recent commercial strategies, such as the acquisition of Messi by Inter Miami and the upcoming installation of Amazon, which have fueled its rise in the business world.The world top 5 is completed by London, New York, Las Vegas and Paris.

    “These cities are attractive to business travelers because of their diverse economies. They are famous for their financial districts, legal services, tourism/hospitality/entertainment industries and more. These cities represent opportunities,” the publication notes.

    Last year, San José also shined among the 10 most attractive cities for business tourism in Latin America, ranking tenth according to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).In this report, it entered the top ten with 282 conferences and was the second city in Central America among the first places.

    Top 10 in South and Central America:

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Santiago, Chile

    Bogota, Colombia

    Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

    Guatemala City, Guatemala

    Panama City, Panama

    Cartagena, Colombia

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Medellin, Colombia

    World top 10:

    Miami, USA

    London, United Kingdom

    New York, USA

    Las Vegas, USA

    Paris France

    Dubai, UAE

    Singapore, Singapore


    Milano, Italy

    Chicago, USA

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