San Carlos Hospital Opens Yoga Course for Pregnant Teenagers

It Benefits Patients from Ciudad Quesada, Aguas Zarcas, Florencia, Guatuso, Fortuna, and Other Communities

A new opportunity to help pregnant teenagers get ahead, forgive and empower themselves opened the San Carlos Hospital through a prenatal yoga course aimed at this population.

This is the strategy with which the health establishment seeks to attract this population sector and give them support since Alajuela is where more pregnancies occur in women under 18 years old. So far, in 2019, 33 gestations are recorded only in children under 15 years old.

“This is why the San Carlos Hospital organized, with the collaboration of Social Work and the Interdisciplinary Team in Mental Health, and opened this prenatal yoga course for adolescents who are in gestation period, and thus find an opportunity to disperse and even forgive themselves”, said Dr. Edgar Carrillo Rojas, director of the San Carlos hospital.

For the social worker, Lizeth Quesada Quesada, yoga allows mothers to make a connection with the baby and, in the case of pregnant teenagers, it is more important because it helps to understand that they are also chosen to be mothers, even when they are in an unplanned stage.

Practicing yoga allows mothers to make a special connection with their babies in gestation

“This space that we are opening on Thursdays, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, allows us to help them carry this stage on and address the feeling of guilt. Being in yoga allows them to make a social circle of people who live very similar situations and, thus, becomes a strategy for them to share, support, and strengthen each other ”, explained Quesada.

On the other hand, for Dr. Nineth Alarcón Alba, a representative of the CCSS in the Mother Teenager Care Council, the institution’s work is in the constant search for health education, to promote access to health services, to raise awareness of self-care, and the empowerment of teenagers.

This yoga group, that the San Carlos hospital made available, benefits women from Ciudad Quesada, Aguas Zarcas, Florencia, Guatuso, Fortuna, Santa Rosa, Río Cuarto, and other nearby communities.

Those young women who are interested in joining the prenatal yoga circle can get enrolled for free, by calling at 2401-1258, Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. For sure, all of them will be welcomed by the San Carlos Hospital’s staff.

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SOURCEAdmin. La Región
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