by TCRN Staff

Medical centers across the country next week will notify patients who have been selected to be the first to receive the vaccine against pandemic influenza AH1N1.

The authorities will contact 200,000 patients via phone calls, which equals the number of doses that will reach the country next week.

This information was conveyed byMaría Luisa Ávila, Minister of Health, who participated in a ‘chat’ with La Nacion to alleviate doubts about the pandemic.

According to the Minster, the first immunization will be given to the asthmatic, hypertensive, morbidly obese and pregnant women who are in the last trimester of pregnancy.

“Every health center in the Caja (Costa Rican Social Security) has a list of persons to be vaccinated, the vaccination campaign could begin the 15th of this month,” said the minister to hundreds of Internet users who participated in the talk.

In addition to patients at risk,  all health personnel will also be vaccinated, which includes those working in private medical centers.

The Ministry of Health expects that after the arrival of the first vaccines, more will follow each week.

In total, Costa Rica asked the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) 1.8 million immunizations.