Romantic Honeymoon in Costa Rica…

Costa Rica Is the Ideal Place for Couples and Newlyweds!

Costa Rica is the best example that in a small piece of land great wonders can be hidden, so it is not surprising that our lands are a sought-after tourist destination. We are famous for our warm beaches, lush forests, majestic volcanoes, extreme adventures, and romantic corners.

And just for those romantic corners, so unique and so diverse, is that Costa Rica has become one of the favorite destinations for weddings and honeymoons worldwide.

Riding on the beach: an unforgettable activity for any couple in love!

It is one of the most popular destinations in Central America for honeymoon trips due to its pristine beaches, its perfect climate, and its spectacular forests full of wildlife. It is the perfect destination for couples looking for relaxation and many activities to enjoy.

In contact with the sea

If something characterizes this country is the wide possibility of carrying out all the extreme adventure activities that are carried out outdoors. Canopy, rafting, rappelling, night walks, climbing, and kayaking are some of the possibilities that can be found in natural parks such as the Marco Antonio Natural Park that combines a beautiful white sand beach with the lush vegetation of the rainforest.

Another of the destinations dreamed for couples who want to fill their honeymoon with adventures, is the Osa Peninsula, where they also have the possibility of night walks, practice yoga in the middle of the trees and observe dolphins and whales in their habitat natural. From there you can also take a walk to the famous Corcovado Natural Park and enjoy a delicious glass of wine to close the night in this heavenly place.

Corcovado National Park has impressive beaches, ideal for romantic moments

As you can see, in Costa Rica you can find everything from boutique hotels to share intimate and significant moments; to luxurious spas to enjoy a massage, and watch the sunset after a day of extreme adventures.

One of the possibilities is to stay in those that are near the Arenal volcano. This volcano still active is located 3 hours from San José, the capital of the country and offers not only the incredible spectacle of seeing and hearing this natural phenomenon, but also the pleasure of bathing in the hot springs, both in natural pools and in private hot tubs, enjoy hiking days and activities such as canopy, kayaking, or rafting.

Romantic couple

Costa Rica is listed as one of the best destinations for honeymoons, and this country is full of unique and diverse corners to have the most unforgettable evenings as a couple sharing not only the natural wealth but the various services that hotels and eco Spas offer outdoors to have a complete relaxation experience.

Honeymooners enjoying a spa time outdoors

These romantic trips are usually the product of ‘an impulse’, of the desire for adventure and intimacy with the couple. For this to be perfect, the chosen place must have several characteristics in itself. The ideal environment must be exotic and at the same time cozy; the recommendations oscillate between beaches and nostalgic environments that allow giving that ‘unique’ flavor to romance.


La Ventolera

It is a hill, in which you can observe a large part of the central valley, with a really beautiful view, it is ideal to be able to take a few photos, and thus be able to treasure that beautiful memory as a couple. Its access is quite easy; its location is located between the Escazú hills, just a few minutes from the Costa Rican capital. As a curious fact, it is important to carry comfortable clothes, sunscreen, and plenty of water to stay well hydrated.

 Langosta Beach

Another of the best options offered by this heavenly destination is located just south of Tamarindo and is a small coastal community known as “Playa Langosta” an exotic place where excellent conditions for surfing and excellent sunsets are, ideal to share and to be loved.

Jade Museum

it is a very interesting place for tourists and lovers.
Jade Museum in Costa Rica

If you and your partner are one of those passionate about art, the next sure option will get your attention; it is the Jade Museum.

The Jade Museum is dedicated to preserving the anthropological heritage of the region and offers the largest collection of pre-Columbian jade artifacts in the world.

Whoever visits our country, for many reasons, will enjoy more than just the natural beauty of the landscapes or the ecological wonders of their wildlife, among our main beauty highlights.

To conclude, we recommend that when planning your first getaway as a honeymoon; take into account the types of honeymoon that exist. With this, you can define the destination according to your tastes and preferences so that you can have a perfect stay.

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