“Lonely Planet” Says that Costa Rica Is the 6th Best Tourist Destination in the World

Costa Rica “Flies the Flag” of Sustainable Tourism

El lunes pasado, “Lonely Planet” lanzó su mejor lista de destinos de viaje para 2020, con Costa Rica posicionada en el sexto lugar. Nuestro país es elogiado por su enfoque del turismo sostenible y la biodiversidad.

“Costa Rica ‘flies the flag’ of sustainable tourism”, says Lonely Planet’s recommendation. “The vast biodiversity of this small country attracts visitors eager to see lazy sleepers in the trees, red-eyed frogs that paralyze their predators, and whales in the Pacific”, it adds.

The leading country in the list is Bhutan. Lonely Planet selected its regions after polling its writers, editors, and the social media community.

A tourist enjoying an impressive view to one of the many Costa Rica’s volcanoes

The publication says it prioritizes destinations that offer “unique experiences” and sustainable travel, those “that help tourists have a positive impact wherever they choose to go”. In addition, the magazine praised Costa Rica’s ecological power grid and its aggressive decarbonization plan.

“Adventure lovers can walk volcanoes or rappel, while those who crave time for themselves can enjoy yoga retreats and spa experiences”, the publication concludes. For more information, you can see here the list of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2020.