Regulations for Scooters in Costa Rica are Being Prepared and Owners Will Need a License

    It is essential to understand the differences between mopeds and motorized bicycles to make informed decisions

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    The Road Safety Council (Cosevi) has released a plan to regulate the use of mopeds and adapted bicycles with motors, generating diverse reactions among the population. This approach could imply the imposition of new requirements for driving these vehicles on the road.


    In recent years, the proliferation of mopeds and motorized bicycles has been notable, driven by the rise of home delivery applications and the economic accessibility to purchase them.


    New rules

    One of the possible regulations includes the obligation to have a license to drive motorized bicycles. Currently, no permit is required if these vehicles are pedalable.According to previous analyzes by Cosevi, mopeds are considered motorcycles with low displacement or power. Therefore, it is proposed that they need a motorcycle license, seal and technical inspection. On the other hand, motorized bicycles that retain the ability to be pedaled should not meet these requirements.


    It is essential to understand the differences between mopeds and motorized bicycles to make informed decisions when purchasing these vehicles. Motorized bicycles are human-powered vehicles that remain bicycles as long as they can be pedaled, without requiring a license. In contrast, mopeds are motorcycles with a motor, without pedals, and require a license, marking and Vehicle Technical Inspection (RTV).


    More regulations

    Given the increase in the use of these vehicles, Cosevi reminds preventive measures, such as the use of appropriate helmets, reflective clothing and lights at night. Likewise, cyclists are urged to respect regulations such as not riding on sidewalks, not holding on to other vehicles and avoiding routes with speeds greater than 80 km/h. In addition, drivers are urged to respect cyclists and maintain a safe distance when passing them.


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