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Pure Life Development: Leaders in Atenas, Costa Rica Real Estate


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beautiful home in atenas costa rica
Beautiful home in Atenas, Costa Rica

Pure Life Developmentʼs slogan is “you have just discovered the path to your new life,” and this holds true for those looking to relocate and live in Costa Rica. Living in Costa Rica is an experience unlike any other. Part of that path to discovery is living “la pura vida” and realizing that “pura vida” is more than two words – it is a way of life. Pure Life Development is a full service real estate company offering services such as sales, rentals, vacation homes, property and construction management, and land development. They also specialize in small boutique ECO-Communities such as La Antigua del Valle and Las Brisas del Valle – both located in Atenas, Costa Rica.

costa rica real estate agents
Dennis & Gerardo of Pure Life Development

Begun in 2007 by Dennis J. Easters and Gerardo Gonzalez-Porras, Pure Life Development of Atenas has continually grown and expanded throughout the years. Easters began his real estate career in 1995 with the purchase of an investment property in the Seminole Heights Historic District of Tampa, Florida. This ignited a 15-year passion in historic home restorations, culminating in more than 25 completed homes in the Tampa Bay area. Porras joined Easters in 2003 and created a strong partnership that has withstood the ups and downs of the business. From a background in strong team management, Porras knows how to lead his team to success. Both Easters and Porras hold real estate licenses in the state of Florida and are members of the Camara Nacional de Corridores in Costa Rica.

Atenas Costa Rica
View of downtown Atenas from Roca Verde

Why Atenas? “LOCATION” says Easters and Porras. Location, Location, Location. We have all heard it before, but Pure Life Development of Atenas and their team cannot stress enough that LOCATION counts for the three most important points in real estate. “Buy the worst house in the best neighborhood and you will never go wrong,” says Easters. National Geographic stated that Atenas, Costa Rica has one of “the best climates in the world.” AARP, the largest retirement organization in the U.S., listed Atenas as being one of the top 10 retirement destinations in the world. With amazing weather, and a high quality of living, it is no wonder why Atenas, Costa Rica has become a retirement destination for retirees worldwide.

house in atenas
Customer Testimonial from Gary & Linda - Dennis and Gerardo, We wanted to write you a letter to express to Pure Life Development our forever gratitude for your help in making our dream come true with the purchase of our retirement home in Atenas. From the first day, we knew we had chosen the right realtors. Our dream started about 10 years ago with our first visit to Costa Rica and the experience of “pura vida”. We were sold on the beautiful country and the beautiful people. The closer we grew to retirement the more concentrated we became on the locale. Like everyone, we first thought beachfront, surfing and fishing. But when a realtor in the coastal region suggested the Central Valley, and you guys in particular as the “go to guys” in Atenas, we soon forgot the beach and made the smart move to climate, privacy and proximity offered by Atenas to the airport, shopping, healthcare and the beach. Suggesting to me to search the internet for any properties posted on any website and forwarding them to you and allowing you to check them out as to availability and meeting our criteria, eliminated a lot of wasted time looking at outdated websites with houses that had already been sold or just didn’t have our wants. After several months of research on both our parts, we were able to accumulate a VALID list of about 20 properties to consider. All meeting our criteria and geographically manageable in the week we allotted to look at the possibilities. You guys made it happen it 3 days!!! At the end of our week in Atenas, we had made an offer on a house and it was accepted. Also, you had made contact with a family who was moving and wanted to sell their household items. Before leaving, we had bought a house full of furniture and knew our way around town. We were set. WOW!!! We closed 20 days later and you guys had our furniture moved and set up in our new home. Ready for our first visit a month later. This had to have been the most exciting time of our life. We got to enjoy the excitement and you shared that excitement with us. You made it easy. If anyone is considering Atenas and surrounding areas, they would be making a serious time consuming error in not contacting Pure Life Development. They are the truly the “Go To Guys."

Another point that Pure Life Development of Atenas stresses is the education of their clients. Porras says, “We educate our clients. Clients always have many questions and it is important that we have the answers.” This is true in any real estate market, but especially in Costa Rica where clients are unfamiliar with the customs and there is often a language barrier. “Our staff is completely bilingual, making communication easy,” says Easters and Porras. Pure Life Development feels that an educated client is a happy client. “We have been blessed in having loyal clients who almost always turn into friends.” On any give day you can stop in their office and find a hand full of clients who have just dropped in to say “Hola!” or to have a cup of coffee and recount recent adventures in Costa Rica. “Our repeat clients account for about 50% of our business.” Going the extra mile has set Pure Life Development apart from the competition and has made them the leaders in Atenas real estate.

Thinking of relocating to Costa Rica? Atenas, Costa Rica has something to offer everyone. Over the years many private and gated communities such as Vista Atenas, Roca Verde, Lomas del Paraiso, Hacienda Atenas, and Pica Flora, have been developed and offer lots starting in the low $100kʼs and homes starting in the low $200kʼs. Outside the gated communities you can find homes and lots in beautiful quiet communities such as Los Angeles, Fatima, Barrio Jesus, and Estanquillos for as little as $60,000.00. Pure Life Development makes sure their clients know that just the right property is out there for them. “If we cannot find your dream home for you, we will build it” says Easters and Porras in unison.

The next time you are in Atenas, Costa Rica, make sure you stop by the Pure Life Developmentʼs office. They are located 125 meters east of the Banco Nacional in downtown Atenas. The friendly staff will always greet you with a smile and for sure say “Hola!”

For more information, or to take a tour and view properties in the Atenas area, check out both of Pure Life Development of Atenas websites at or They can also be reached at: Office 2446-0447, Gerardo 8729-1223, Dennis 8854-7721, or Nelson 8978-3281.

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