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    2 Waterfalls, Easy Access & Close Proximity to Dominical & Uvita

    This beautiful slice of paradise is ideally located between Uvita and Dominical in Puertosito. With multiple building areas, this property is ideal for a...

    Costa Rica’s Forests: The Jungle’s Incredible Comeback Story

    In the 1980’s Costa Rica found itself in a desperate situation, due to massive deforestation by the timber and livestock industries, the country’s lush...

    Pure Life Development: Leaders in Atenas, Costa Rica Real Estate

    Pure Life Developmentʼs slogan is “you have just discovered the path to your new life,” and this holds true for those looking to relocate and live in Costa Rica.
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    How Foreigners Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica lacks a central database of real estate listings, such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in the United States and Canada. While Costa Ricans find out about property for sale by word of mouth, most foreigners find property listings by using an Internet search engine or by contacting a local real estate agent.
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