“Pura Vida City” Will Make San José the Epicenter of Culture, Technology and Entrepreneurship

    Givi is a digital asset exchange platform that redefines the way users interact with the city

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    The Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce and Givi announce the launch of a digital tool that will revolutionize and redefine the urban experience in San José, this coming March 2. It is “PURA VIDA CITY, a unique proposal in the capital that will involve more than 200 businesses.

    “PURA VIDA CITY by Givi” is an integrated platform that will not only facilitate the city’s cultural agenda in one place; but will also allow the acquisition of tickets, commercial offers and coupons in a way never seen before.

    With the aim of maximizing the experience of each attendee, it is estimated that the benefits will reach an approximate value of 300,000 colones per person, including discounts, royalties, raffles and much more.This event seeks to increase the commercial chain and visibility of local businesses through the Givi application.

    “We are pleased to be part of this dynamic of urban activation that enhances the economy of the capital’s businesses. From the Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce we support initiatives like this, in which in addition to art, culture and technology, entrepreneurship is also given an important space,” commented Lisette Campos Suárez from the Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce.

    Urban activation

    All this dynamics will be experienced in four Josephine spaces, which will be divided into gastronomy, environment, culture and technology pavilions. These pavilions will be: Sendero, Jardín de Lolita, Josefino and Plaza Skawak, located in a cultural circuit that extends from Paseo de lasDamas to Avenida 33.

    Those who attend “PURA VIDA CITY by Givi” will enjoy culinary tastings, local and international flavors, exclusive discounts, royalties, Startup Stand concerts, workshops and exhibition of experiences of the new way of living the city.

    Interacting with the city’s culture and commerce

    “We are excited to introduce a platform that innovates the way we interact with the city’s culture and commerce. ‘Pura Vida City’ is the perfect setting to demonstrate the potential of this tool and continue contributing to economic reactivation,” PietroSudasassi, Project Director at Givi.

    This event is the result of a vision shared by Givi, San José 24×7 and the Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce. The objective is to create an ecosystem that allows local and international tourists to know and experience all the cultural and commercial offerings of the city.

    Event Details:

    Date: Saturday, March 2, 2024.

    Time: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., with after parties in various parts of San José until 2 a.m. on March 3.

    Location: Lolita Garden, Sendero, Plaza Skawak and Josefino. In addition to several shops in the Historic Center, La California and Escalante.

    Registration and Additional Information: Those interested should visit to register and discover all the benefits available.

    For more information on “Pura Vida City by Givi,” including the full event agenda, details on the themed pavilions, and scheduled performances, please visit

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