Public Banks Improved Credit Conditions for the Purchase of Electric Vehicles

They Do That in Support of the Decarbonization Program of the Economy

This announcement was made by the directors of the banking entities together with the First Lady, Claudia Dobles, and the ministers of Energy and Public Works, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez and Rodolfo Méndez.

“We are ready for electrical technology. We have exemptions and other enabling conditions. In addition, our almost 100% renewable electricity matrix, made in Costa Rica, is an opportunity that allows us to get ahead of history and set ourselves the goal of being the 1st country with an intermodal zeroemission mobility network”, explained the First Lady. In the act, each bank presented its offers that exceed the current conditions for the financing of vehicles.

Zero-emission policy is progressively gaining the support of public banks and private companies in Costa Rica

For example, the National Bank offers a fixed interest rate of 8.25% for the first 2 years. As of the 3rd year, the interest would be the basic passive rate (TBP) plus 2.75%. Based on the current conditions, interest from the 3rd year onwards would be approximately 8.5%.

In addition, the National Bank offers terms of up to 96 months, that is, 8 years, and the commission would be only 1.30%, that is, 1.95% less than that of a conventional loan.

With few variants, the Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) and Banco Popular offer very similar conditions for the purchase of private vehicles. For example, for the purchase of electric buses, Banco Popular offers loans with an interest rate equivalent to TBP plus 3%, in colones, or TBP plus 2.5%, if the loan is in US$. The terms are up to 10 years.

“The proposal of the BCR, which we have called “PRO-ECO” and which we present today, seeks to promote that our country is moving towards electric mobility. In addition to the line presented, we are creating a comprehensive financing ecosystem that includes importers of vehicles by providing financing facilities as well as electric distributors by offering to finance the construction of charging points”, said Douglas Soto Leitón, General Manager of the BCR.

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