Photo Contest Will Capture Mathematical Images of Everyday Life

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    A photo contest will show the enormous number of applications of mathematics in our daily lives, thanks to the talent of the participants who will send their images from any country in the world. The competition is organized by the Panamanian Foundation for the Promotion of Mathematics (FUNDAPROMAT) with the aim of encouraging adults to share examples from their daily lives that demonstrate mathematics around them.

    According to Dr. Jeanette Shakalli, Executive Director of FUNDAPROMAT, this project fulfills several purposes of this organization, including “promoting mathematics in a fun and innovative way through activities open to the public in order to change the perception of mathematics.” people to enjoy exploring the beauty and richness of this science.”

    Participants must be over 18 years of age. In addition, they may be of any nationality living in Panama or abroad. The deadline to compete will be Friday, May 26, 2023.

    The jury of the Contest will select the 3 best photos. Each winner will receive:

    • A SET game

    • A puzzle game

    • A Tower of Hanoi

    • A Rubik’s Cube

    • FUNDAPROMAT promotional items

    • A certificate from FUNDAPROMAT

    Those who send their images must fill out the form:, where they will share the following information:

    • Full name

    • Country of origin

    • Email

    • Title of the photo

    • Upload the photo in JPG or PNG format

    • Upload the description of the photo in PDF format

    The rules of the Contest indicate the following norms:

    • Each participant can submit only one photo.

    • Team photos are not allowed; that is, a single participant per photo.

    All photos must comply with:

    • Present an example from your daily life that shows that mathematics surrounds us.

    • Have a creative name.

    • Be in JPG or PNG format.

    • Have been taken by the participant himself.

    • Be original, that is, it has not been previously published on any website or media, neither by the participant nor by another person.

    General details

    The photo must be accompanied by its description, which must comply with:

    • Explain clearly how the photo shows that mathematics surrounds us.

    • Be in Spanish language

    • Be in a PDF file

    • Be of your own authorship.

    • The description of the photo must be original, that is, it has not been previously published on any website or media, neither by the participant nor by another person.
    • Be understood by the general public, that is, it does not require an advanced level of mathematics to understand the description of the photo.
    • Occupy a maximum paragraph of ten (10) lines in Arial font size 12.

    Evaluation criteria

    The jury of the Contest will select the winning photos, taking into account the following criteria:

    Mathematical value- In the description of the photo, the participant clearly exposes the relationship of mathematics in their environment with the photo sent.

    Photo quality- The photo is not blurry and has proper lighting and focus.

    Writing- The description of the photo is coherent and has no grammatical or spelling errors.

    Creativity- Through her photo, the participant presents in an ingenious way that mathematics surrounds us.

    Originality- The photo and its description qualify as new, unique and innovative.

    The decision of the Competition jury will be final. Learn about the bases of the FUNDAPROMAT 2023 Photo Contest at the link, participate and win many prizes. Those interested in learning about or participating in the Foundation’s initiatives can obtain more information by writing to [email protected] or WhatsApp (507) 6990-1458.

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