One Of The Best Ufo Photos Turns 50… And It Was Taken In Costa Rica

    It has always been in the possession of the Costa Rican government, so you know it's authentic and thus completely inexplicable

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    To cast doubt on the existence of alien life, mogul Elon Musk once wondered where all the good UFO photos are. Well, it turns out that Costa Rica took one 50 years ago that would make the founder of Tesla and Space X think.

    It was 1971 and the objective was to determine a place for the location of the Arenal hydroelectric plant, owned by ICE, for which the National Institute of Geography took aerial photographs, according to the Trail of The Saucers site, in an article written by Bryce Zabel.

    Surprising discovery

    It was until the photographs were developed that the team in charge of the work realized their discovery, the image, after reviewing the negatives, revealed what appeared to be the silhouette of a flying saucer over Lake Cote, in Guatuso from Alajuela.

    The sophistication of the camera, donated by the French government, allowed it to have an unusual resolution in photographs of this type, and also a new perspective, since it was taken from the top of the sky downwards.

    It is also one of the few photographs of a UFO in the possession of a government that is published and disseminated in such a popular way, since in other cases, it is classified information, Zabel details.

    Best photograph ever taken of a UFO

    That its origin is governmental adds authenticity, says Leslie Kean of The New Yorker Radio Hour. “I love this photo. It is probably the best photograph ever taken of a UFO. It was taken in the 70’s from a government mapping plane in Costa Rica that had a camera strapped to the bottom of the plane and it was like touring the terrain.

    There was this disk object and you can clearly see the sun reflecting off this round object that has a small dot on top and the important thing is that it was a government photo. There is a clear chain of custody. It has always been in the possession of the Costa Rican government, so you know it’s authentic and thus completely inexplicable,” he explained.

    Some doubt

    The object in question could have measured half of a soccer field or its entirety, there are those who, however, doubt the veracity of the photo, such as researcher Mick West.

    “A key issue is lighting. The sun in the image is coming from the lower right (roughly to the west), and yet there is no real way that light from that direction would make sense to a physical object. […] And, of course, there is no shadow. If it is a physical object that limits the possibilities”, argues West in the forum.

    Real or not, the photograph put Costa Rica at the epicenter of the discussion of extraterrestrial life. Sergio Loaiza, author of the image, remembers how in the 70s the photo was a taboo, provided with the same skepticism that is now granted to these phenomena, as there are more technological means to alter reality.

    “At the time we were completely forbidden to talk about it, we could not tell anyone,” he said.

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