Older Adults Learn English at the UTN through Apps

They Really Facilitate their Learning Process

A total of 23 older adults receive a Basic Conversational English Workshop at the National Technical University (UTN), in Alajuela. The idea arose from the different proposals developed by the teaching staff working for the Institutional Program of Languages ​​for Work of the UTN.

Older adults taking the English course at the UTN, in Alajuela

The methodology consists of learning through a constructivist pedagogical model, that is, it is constructed through human dynamism and communication. The style of the classes is supported by experiences similar to the daily life of the elderly people.

In the workshop, the use of technological resources really facilitates the teaching process. Apps of different mobile devices have favored them in a positive way for learning and, at the same time, they have allowed them to interact with each other and make inquiries to the teachers to reinforce knowledge.

Older adults have already completed level 1A, lasting 4 months, and are currently receiving lessons at level 1B.

VIAAbelardo Canelo
SOURCEJacqueline Otey
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