National Musicians Unite to Create a Song in Support of Costa Rican Coral Reefs

    “Tu Vida de Colores”, a melody that seeks to generate awareness and hope

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    In their own initiative, Costa Rican musicians have come together to create a collaborative song in support of the preservation of Costa Rica’s coral reefs. Fabián Pacheco, Luz María Romero, Rialengo, Oscar Jiménez and Pedro Víquez are the talented artists who have combined their skills to compose “Tu Vida de Colores”, a melody that seeks to generate awareness and hope around the delicate situation of coral reefs in our country.

    This joint effort arises as part of a collaboration between the Embajadores Community Diving Center and Ambassadors of the Southern Caribbean Sea and Block Verde, two organizations committed to marine conservation and the environment in Costa Rica. The song “Tu Vida de Colores” seeks to make visible the importance of protecting coral reefs, and inspire concrete actions for their preservation.

    A premiere concert will be held on April 3rd

    To present this initiative and share its message with the public, a premiere concert will be held on April 3 at 7 p.m. at the Cultural Center of Spain in Costa Rica. During this event, attendees will have the opportunity to listen live to the emotional song created by these talented musicians, as well as learn more about the work of the Embajadoresdel Mar Community Diving Center, which, from the Southern Caribbean community, has been leading efforts to protect and conserve the region’s marine resources.

    The concert has the support of the Geography and Dialogue of Knowledge project of the Socio-Environmental Kiosks Program and the School of Geography of the University of Costa Rica, which reflects the support and recognition that this initiative has generated in various academic and social spheres.

    The transformative power that music can have in society

    Ana María Arenas, representative of the event, has highlighted the importance of this collaboration and the transformative power that music can have in society: “We are excited to be able to join forces with these talented musicians and committed organizations to bring a message of hope and action in favor of our coral reefs. “Music has the power to reach hearts and move to action, and that is precisely what we seek to achieve with this concert.”

    This event is free and open to the general public. For more information and details about the “Tu Vida de Colores” concert, you can contact Ana María Arenas at +506 8894 0146.

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join a noble cause and enjoy the magic of music at an event that promises to inspire and raise awareness among everyone present about the importance of protecting our valuable coral reefs.

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