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    A tradition that has accompanied humans since their inception

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    Surely you have heard of different rituals to attract love or happiness, scare away evil spirits or get pregnant. The truth is that fertility is an issue that has concerned us over the years. Did you know that fertility rituals were already celebrated in prehistory?

    According to historians, the first rites began to be practiced around 5,000 B.C. At that time, the Celts celebrated the “Alban Heruin”, a ritual that consisted of lighting large bonfires to purify their lands and guarantee the fertility of their women. For the druids, the summer solstice consisted of a sacred ceremony, in which the people gathered to enjoy music and the narration of popular legends.

    The use of fire and the worship of the sun were also present in other cultures throughout history. The Kouros, the Greeks, the Aztecs, the Romans, the Incas or the Berbers are just a few examples.

    Most popular fertility rituals on the night of San Juan

    The night of San Juan is based on an adaptation of pagan culture to Christian beliefs. The origins of the current celebration go back to the Holy Scriptures, specifically to the passage that talks about the bonfire that Zacarías lit to celebrate the birth of his son Juan Bautista, after the archangel appeared to him in a dream announcing his paternity and he did not believe him.

    Even today there are many superstitious who practice rites during the night of San Juan. Among the best-known are:

    Jumping the waves of the sea

    It is believed that this night the water has healing properties. According to tradition, bathing in the sea will help us banish all the negative from our lives and enjoy good health throughout the year. One of the most popular rituals is jumping over the waves hand in hand with your partner, at midnight and with your back to the sea. There is some controversy as to the number of times to skip, seven or nine, depending on where we are.

    Jumping over the bonfire

    Tradition says that you have to make a wish while jumping over the bonfire a total of seven times. Then you just have to wait for the time to be fulfilled.

    Write a wish and throw it into the fire

    Fire acts as a purifying element. This tradition is perhaps one of the most practiced and consists simply of writing a wish on a piece of paper and letting it be consumed at the stake.

    Therapeutic herbs

    There are certain plants that are used to make wishes. For example, in Galicia seven different herbs are collected that together make up what is known as “San Juan herbs”. After gathering the different herbs (fennel, fern, mallow, rosemary, lemon verbena, codeso and St. John’s wort) you have to put them in water from seven different sources and let them rest overnight outdoors. The next morning, you have to wash your face with that water so that our skin rejuvenates and we enjoy good health.

    Rituals and traditions aside, the truth is that summer is an ideal season to seek pregnancy both naturally, and if you need to undergo fertility treatment.

    Reasons to perform a fertility treatment in summer

    Stress levels decrease

    Most people choose summer to take a break and enjoy a few days of vacation. Anxiety can have a very negative effect on our health and, of course, fertility. For this reason, many people choose these dates to start fertility treatment. Being relaxed increases the probability of success of the assisted reproduction treatment.

    More balanced diets

    With the arrival of heat, we tend to drink more water and consume more fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. Maintaining a healthy diet is essential, since it provides us with the nutrients we need for pregnancy to occur.

    Time flexibility

    In summer, many workers enjoy an intensive working day and, in general, we tend to have more free time.

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