More than 15 thousand Tourists coming to Costa Rica have purchased INS Travel Insurance

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    Since August 1st, when Costa Rica announced the gradual opening of its air borders, until December 15th, 15,972 tourists purchased traveler insurance from the National Insurance Institute (INS).

    After four months of closure due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Costa Rican insurer announced at the end of July a new insurance option for travelers, offering as part of the policy, five coverages, including: medical expenses and accommodation even before the declaration of the epidemic and / or pandemic disease.

    A 45-year-old tourist who enters the country in the coming weeks and wants to enjoy Costa Rica for 14 days can purchase this INS policy for only $9.4 dollars a day, on average. For a person between 71 and 80 years old, who wants to vacation for two weeks in Costa Rica (average stay is 12.6 days), this insurance will represent an investment of $18 per day.

    Accessible fees

    In addition, if the policy is contracted for the family group, a 5% discount will be provided. INS Travel Insurance provides coverage for medical expenses due to accident or acute illness up to $ 20,000, accommodation expenses, expenses for repatriation of mortal remains and accidental death, as well as total or partial permanent disability due to accident, a coverage that few insureds provide.

    Broad coverage

    “In the case of coverage for accommodation expenses provided by this INS policy, it is not limited to an extension of the trip when the reason is suspicion or contagion by COVID-19, the coverage is broader, also applying due to official closure of borders or suspension of flights, all the above directly related to a declaration of the epidemic and/or pandemic disease”, assured the head of INS Products, Grettel Solano.

    Interested tourists can make the purchase online or quote on the website:; insurance coverage is generated immediately upon purchase

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    1. It’s a crime to see Costa Rica participate in this compulsory tourist insurance scam. I’m never going to Costa Rica again as long as they continue scamming tourist in this fashion. Wake up Costa Rica and stop scamming people visiting your country.

    2. Your point of view is respected, but two facts can be argued: 1)It is not compulsory since if you show a valid international insurance upon arrival it is accepted. 2)The purpose of tourist entering the country having health insurance guarantees that if indeed the visitor gets ill (with COVID) the costs of his/her treatment will not fall upon the State that has the primary responsibility (as every Country in the World has) to first attend, with its resources, the health and well-being of its own citizens.

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