Money And Spirituality: 6 Keys to Attract Prosperity

    With a plan of six essential points you can strengthen the connection with money

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    Many times we wonder how it is that there are people with a tremendous facility to make money, they are born rich, any business they try to prosper, etc. On the other hand, there are other people for whom producing money costs them work, for example a construction worker who has to work long hours and make a physical effort that leaves him tired, to take home a certain amount of money, that usually will only cover the basic needs of the family.

    This is for our spiritual purpose. Each experience makes us grow and evolve, and what we learn in our work is also learning for our spirit, that is why we cannot separate the spiritual from the material, because everything leaves us with a teaching. The taxi driver will learn a lot from driving within the city and from his dealings with the clients who take his service. Surely this person will not have any desire to work, but he will have the need to bring money to his family, and this need is what moves him to produce money.

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    There are other types of people for whom money is not among their priorities, their life is based on other aspects, it is not that they do not want money, it simply is not the most important thing. They focus on their family, love … anyway.

    There are rich and powerful people, for them money is the most important thing, they cannot conceive of life without it, it seems that they have a magic wand to produce unimaginable sums of money. In the same way, what you learn will serve you on other planes in the future or in other lives.


    Ask your angels for help

    Regardless of what your case is, you can ask for the support of your angels to open or expand your material path. Excesses are not beneficial to anyone, nor is it convenient to have too much money, just as poverty is not a blessing.

    Our angels do not want suffering or despair for us, they only want our happiness. Ask your angels for the help you need to multiply your sources of income, and to open yourself up to reception.

    The simple idea of being surrounded by people who correspond to our affection, who share the same dreams, interests, there is full trust and respect and it is a constructive relationship, is something that in many moments of our life we desire.

    Here is a plan of six essential points that will help us to strengthen our connection with money:

    1- Always think abundantly, look around you and you will only see abundance of everything

    2- Every time you spend money, be sure that it will come back multiplied

    3- Bless the money you give and the money you receive, everything that is blessed is multiplied

    4- Do not despair, because despair closes the path of abundance

    5- Trust fully in God and his angels, give him your accounts and you will see miracles of prosperity

    6- Do your work with love and service and you will see how everything is enlarged in a spectacular way.

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