Mexican Influencer Who Loves Costa Rica Was Finally Able To Meet the Ticos and Dedicated a Letter to Us

    Young César López was visiting our country, chatting with national artists and visiting emblematic places

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    “Ticos, don’t stop being you. Never change that identity and may your icons and emblems always be peace, coffee, and the sloth. That the only thing that will divide the country in a league match with Saprissa, but that after 90 minutes, everything will be the same again”.

    This is an excerpt from a letter that the Mexican influencer César López wrote to the Costa Ricans, with whom he fell in love more than two years ago and whom he was finally able to meet this week after forging a very close relationship with our country, with our customs, our emblematic places and also with our artists.


    I wrote a letter to an entire country, a country that I love with all my soul. #puravida🇨🇷 #costaricatiktok #tiquicia🇨🇷😎

    This week the “Mexico”, as he calls himself, was able to fulfill the dream of being on national soil and meeting in person the friends he has made through virtuality. The letter was written two months ago when he realized that he would finally come to the country. Publishing it on his social network accounts and with words, he conquered many Ticos who still did not know him.

    César López met with maestro Carlos Guzmán, composer of ‘Soy tico’. The Mexican fell in love with the song so much that he even made his musical version.

    And he continued: “I also speak to those who are not. I am talking to you who miss the aroma of a good coffee, to you who would give everything to see one of its volcanoes or bathe in its rivers and waterfalls”, referring to Costa Ricans who, for one reason or another, are outside our borders.

    A very special love

    César’s relationship with Costa Rica began two years ago when the new coronavirus pandemic attacked the world. Interestingly, it was the music made in our country that enchanted the Mexican.

    César is dedicated to making videos of reactions to certain recommendations that his followers make him. The first video he published as an influencer on his YouTube channel was about our country, specifically about San José. In the clip, he also explained some curiosities about the country.

    This video was published on April 23rd, 2020 and from it, López began to receive many requests to react. The Ticos sent him songs and videos made by national artists and from there the love began.

    In his following publications, López reacted to Isla del Coco and the typical phrases of the Ticos. Then they recommended him to listen to the song: “Yo hablo Como un Tico”, by Gonín, and later “Soy Tico”, by Carlos Guzmán; These two reactions of the Mexican enchanted Internet users with the emotions he shared about both musical pieces.

    With “Soy Tico” the Mexican was very moved. The piece he heard was an arrangement made by Los Ajenos and Paul Rubinstein of Guzmán’s work, in which Tipí Royes, Los Ajenos, Gonín, María José Castillo, Master Key, Pato Barraza, Gonín and other Creole artists participate.

    Music and Caesar

    López’s affection and admiration for the Costa Rican culture grew and the Ticos loved him more. Along the way, more and more videos about our country arrived, although he has also reacted to other places such as Ecuador and his native Mexico. López met Toledo, Chillax, Gandhi, Éditus, Tapón and even La Patriotica, whose reaction brought him to tears.

    He has also talked about traditions and customs and has tried Costa Rican coffee, food, and sweets. He has even given his opinions on Guanacaste and Cartago. Thanks to this relationship, López interviewed several Costa Rican artists on their programs, and their talks to learn about the stories of Gandhi or Gonín fascinated their fans.

    López hopes to return to his beloved Costa Rica soon because, as he says, he is a “Mexitico” at heart.

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