Is Social Media Bringing People Together or Tearing Them Apart?

The Smartphone gave a new life to the way of communicating. But like all technology, it has its Pros and Cons!

We live in an era of hyper connectivity, where we can communicate by video or text with our friends and family anywhere on the planet by simply taking the phone out of our pocket and tap on a glass screen. With all this technology we should feel more united with our loved ones. But paradoxically, studies are finding another trend, we feel more disconnected and distant from our friends and family than ever before.

Proper use of new technologies is a good way not to lose human contact. For example, I can send and receive messages, but with that what I should be doing is making an appointment to meet the people with whom I will be talking personally later. Another way is to arrange a video conference with a friend or relative who lives far away to talk to each other and feel closer.

The email has been a very practical means of communication because when we receive it on our mobile phones we can give a quick response. Social networks can help us put together projects and programs with friends and find people who we have not seen for a long time and so thousands of good uses can be made with them.

Another important issue has to do with the time we dedicate to our computer and our mobile phone (outside working hours). We should be dedicating quality time each day for ourselves and to give others what we call our real-time, is it not the same to waste time between messages than rather looking at each other’s faces and establishing a real contact with the others, that makes us grow, nourishes and enriches us. So the proposal is less Social Media and more encounters so that we can give our spiritual wealth to others and receive theirs. We will advise you to learn how to manage your time and also, dedicate it to family recreation.

The first thing you should do is respect meal times, the three basic dishes of the day, eating together with our families. Ideally, we should leave the cell phones aside and start a conversation about our experiences and especially share good times. When you are going to do an activity with your partner or with your children, it is not necessary to use the cell phone, as to avoid distractions, so you could put the device in airplane mode or the option do not disturb, not receiving notifications or unexpected calls that can interrupt. It would be great if one day a week (maybe Sundays) you decide to simply turn off the cell phone and dedicate 99.9% of your time to your family and your partner. Go for a walk with your family. Simply decide one morning to go to the beach or a mountain with your loved ones to enjoy nature.

SOURCEYohander Rodriguez
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