How to Move Contacts to Outlook

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    In modern operating systems for smartphones (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) there is an extensive synchronization mechanism that allows you to transfer all personal information (and not only it) to a remote “cloud” from Google, Apple or Microsoft with just one click. Thus, there are no problems when buying a new device – just download this pre-loaded information from your account using the same built-in synchronization functions.

    The vCard file has the extension .vcf and contains a sequence of lines of the form <attribute type>: <attribute value>. Each individual vCard can contain a phone number, names, home addresses, emails, websites, logos and even audio-video files. Thus, if the device supports the export of contacts in the vCard format, you are guaranteed to be able to transfer all the valuable information. For example, you are looking for the ways to transfer contacts from your smartphone to your Outlook account. There are two possible ways to do it:

    1. Manually – by adding contacts one by one;
    2. Using a third-party app or service.

    Let’s figure out how to perform both vCard to Outlook scenarios.

    Import vCard file from Outlook message

    You can save vCard files received in attachments as contacts by adding one by one to the Outlook contact list.

    1. Select a business card in the message body, right-click it and select “Add to Outlook Contacts”.
    2. A new window will appear displaying contact information.
    3. In the contact window, click “Save” and close.
    4. Repeat these steps for each vCard file in the message.

    Unfortunately, does not have the ability to convert vCard files to CSV format, but you can do it using third-party applications and services. We recommend you to stop your choice on Outlook Transfer tool.

    What is Outlook Transfer?

    Outlook Transfer is a universal tool able to perform various migration scenarios to Outlook. It helps users to move their emails and contacts from other mailing clients to Outlook as quickly and smoothly as possible.

    This service offers an ultra-fast conversion and easy migration of your VCards. The tool is pleasantly friendly and easy to install. It is fully compatible with any Outlook versions, so you even should not think about it.

    You can download the app on your computer by visiting the official website of Outlook Transfer. The service works by the 1-year subscription, available for home, business and commercial usage. Select and purchase the license and you will get:

    • User-Friendly interface;
    • Ad-free software;
    • 24/7 support;
    • Free tutorial;

    100% compatibility with any Outlook and Microsoft edition.


    Some developers produce utilities that facilitate the export of contacts in vCard format. In addition, the Play Market has applications for the Android operating system of the VCF Contacts type, which allow you to open and edit such files directly on your phone. Use these solutions, if the previous two options are not completely satisfied you.

    Still have any questions? Reach our experts in comments.

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